Thermtech will be exhibiting at the 20th World Petroleum Congress & Exhibition, taking place on 5-8 December in Doha, Qatar.

Thermtech is the owner and supplier of the TCC® technology, the patented and advanced thermal desorption technology able to treat various kinds of oily waste, drilling waste and slops from wells, bottom tank sludge from refineries, soil recovery from production pits, etc.

The TCC technology can be operated both onshore and offshore. The treatment with the TCC is the best environmental option; it avoids discharge of hazardous substances in the environment.

In many cases it represents also the best commercial option since the TCC is able to recover the high value components of the waste, with the same qualities of the original components.

For example, in the case of drilling waste, the recovered base oil will have the same value of the original base oil, and this oil may therefore pay for a significant part of the costs related to the treatment.

Thermtech assists customers in getting their waste treatment facilities up and running. Beside the equipment itself, Thermtech offer assistance with permit applications and plant design, education and training of customer’s operators and supervisors, installation and commissioning, operational start up assistance, and remote and on-site supervision of operations and maintenance.

The TCC can have different treatment capacity, different power drive (electrical motor or diesel engine) and can be designed for an indoor installation in a plant or for a mobile unit.

The TCC treatment capacities can vary from 3-6 metric tons per hour; the treatment is continuous.

Please visit our stand, no. 9123, at the 20th World Petroleum Congress and Exhibition.