M-I SWACO Goes Offshore With the TCC

M-I SWACO calls for a licence to build a TCC-Hammermill.

As part of the existing manufacturing licence agreement, M-I SWACO holds the right to design and manufacture TCC units to fulfil its service obligations to oil and gas companies. After completing the design and engineering stages to integrate the TCC technology in MI-SWACO’s rig solutions, they have now started manufacturing an offshore TCC unit.

Thermtech is pleased with this important decision as it confirms the need for, and benefits of, offshore cuttings treatment.

Thermtech, the owner of the Thermal Cuttings Cleaner (TCC), sells complete units to oil and gas service companies providing treatment services both onshore and offshore. In addition, Thermtech has entered into manufacturing licence agreements with two companies, TWMA and M-I SWACO.

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