Mactech Offshore’s Articulating Diamond Wire Saw Receives Patent Approval


Mactech Offshore recently received patent approval for its articulating diamond wire saw.

The saw, ideal for conductor removal, is designed for subsea and topside cutting in the offshore oil industry using an articulating cutting arm. It is designed to cut multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members in the offshore platform decommissioning industry. The vertical stance means the saw can fit into cofferdams or excavations with minimal dredging. The articulating design requires only two feet of clearance around casings and the cut is made at the bottom of the saw, eliminating extra dredging.

The best decommissioning strategy is the one that is safe, effective and efficient. The agility in the field of the articulating offshore diamond wire saw has proven to be a catalyst for effectiveness and efficiencies offshore.

The compact design reduces set-up, installation and removal time. The guiding arms can be closed around pipes and used as guides while the saw is lowered to the cut location. This also increases safety on the job as the contractor is able to minimize the need for divers in the water.

"The best decommissioning strategy is the one that is safe, effective and efficient."

Mactech Offshore operations manager Derek Marcks said: "These efficiencies in time reduction and cut performance allow for the increased use of concurrent decommissioning practices, reducing the total time and capital associated with decommissioning projects. By performing crucial steps, such as multi-string cuts, in concurrence, operators and contractors are finding ways to save costs while improving performance."

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