Mactech Offshore Announces Partnership with Unique Wellube, Part of the Unique Maritime Group

Unique Wellube

Mactech Offshore has formed a strategic relationship with Unique Wellube, a UAE-based subsidiary of the Unique Maritime Group. Unique Wellube is a specialist engineering company that focuses mainly on plant and pipeline operability and the prevention of unforeseen shutdowns through critical maintenance during production. The company was created ten years ago and with the benefit of UMG funding, it has rapidly expanded since. The company’s main focus has been on regional growth in the areas of oil and gas in Nigeria, India and the UK.

"With many years of combined experience backed by substantial R&D, our team of professional graduate engineers and highly skilled technicians are providing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ most demanding challenges," says Unique Maritime Group managing director, Sahil Gandhi.

Mactech Offshore’s partnership with Unique Wellube compliments both parties. The companies share a similar mentality when it comes to resolving clients’ critical issues and their methods of response. Mactech’s integrity in partnering with their clients to find custom solutions to their issues and the machine company’s high-quality products and engineering align closely with Unique Wellube’s philosophy and business model.

Unique Wellube had another major motivator for the partnership. Mactech’s innovative development of their all-star new machine, the ROV Diamond Wire Saw. The wire saw offers operators and contractors the ability to keep divers out of the water, maintain controllable and precise cuts and operate at a subsea weight of approximately 160lb. This machine is just one example of the company’s proven ability to find solutions for maintaining subsea production equipment, and why they are the lead producer of cutting equipment that focuses on personal and environmental safety.

"We have a very exciting time ahead and will continue to grow Unique Maritime Group to meet our customer and market demands."

"All this ties in with the range of services we provide," adds Gandhi.

"We provide the services and Mactech, the engineering and machinery behind it. We are talking to the same clients and this enables us both to offer a bigger package and take away the headaches and hassle of having to deal with different sub-contractors."

In the recent years, the global deep water expansion industry has seen a trend in the increased demand for rental equipment. Acquiring a partner with complementary equipment and services will equip Unique Wellube to speed up their expansion expectations and give them the ability to enter new markets more swiftly and at a higher growth rate in focus sectors.

"I think the keys to success in this critical industry are quality, response times and our flexibility to work around different problems and challenges. We have a very strong engineering team and an unparalleled reputation for customer service and project delivery – this is the base of our company. As a result of this, and new partnerships such as the one with Mactech, we have a very exciting time ahead and will continue to grow Unique Maritime Group to meet our customer and market demands," adds Ghandi.

Mactech produces hundreds of tools committed to the offshore subsea market. Our professional on-site technicians are experts in the operation, repair and assembly of every tool. We don’t use subcontractors, just seasoned experts with multiple years of experience and safety records that are unsurpassed in the industry.

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