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Mactech Offshore Presents the ID Pipe Sever Machine


Mactech Offshore has introduced the new and innovative ID Pipe Sever Machine. The ID Pipe Sever Machine cuts casing, pilings and other round, hollow tubes from the inside diameter. It has made cutting below the mudline (BML) safe and efficient and requires no external dredging or digging.

Simply lower the ID Pipe Sever Machine into the pipe, activate the self-centering mechanism and cut safely and effectively from the control panel on deck. The self-centering locators promote accurate and secure placement of the cut.

The ID Pipe Sever Machine allows for the cold cutting of pilings and casings below the mudline, with no external dredging or digging required. It can be configured to a wide range of diameters using locator extensions, including standard 18in and 28in ID and up to 0.75in wall. Additional features include self-centering and a standard once-inch diameter end mill.

The rotational drive motor ranges from 0rpm-0.75rpm. With locator extensions and cone extensions, the ID Pipe Sever Machine weighs approximately 385lb.

If you would like more information about this solution, contact Mactech Offshore today.

Mactech has hundreds of tools committed to the offshore subsea market. Our professional on-site technicians are experts in the operation, repair and assembly of every tool. We don’t use subcontractors, just seasoned experts with multiple years of experience and safety records that are unsurpassed in the industry.

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