Planning ahead for 2014, Elkhart Brass wants to position its partners more competitively in the marketplace by providing quality products with aggressive pricing. To achieve this goal, and after an extensive evaluation, Elkhart Brass is offering its comprehensive product line with a new strategic pricing structure.

In the new structure, prices have been reduced or kept the same for more than 34 product categories in the Elkhart Brass product catalog. The strategic changes are a result of discussions with end users and distributors, and reflect Elkhart’s dedication to being the best manufacturer for its distribution partners.

Price changes for list price items will go into effect for all orders placed after 5pm EST on February 14th, 2014. The comprehensive list with the effective price changes can be found on the Dealer Portal section of our website.

Elkhart Brass values its partnerships and looks forward to strengthening its relationships through continued collaboration. For more details or for questions about the new pricing structure, please contact your regional sales manager or customer service representative.