Favuseal, a supplier of advanced polymer-fabricated products, has received the contract for fire protection of the dry deluge system for the Hejre project, commissioned by Dong Energy. Favuseal will supply approximately 40t of its revolutionary co-polymer product in order to protect the dry deluge system on the Danish oil rig.

Favuseal CTO Christian Schlytter said: "We are pleased to see that a joint effort between dry deluge piping supplier National Oilwell FGS and Favuseal has paid off. It is reassuring for Favuseal technology that high-end customers like Dong Energy chose a high-performance, green, health, safety and environment (HSE)-compliant product over an epoxy-based solution."

The dry deluge system on an oil rig is one of the most critical installations, and must work regardless of the fire conditions it is subjected to. Favuseal and the Favuseal fire barrier system (FFBS) yield ongoing protection and safety and ensure that the dry deluge system will perform in case of a fire.

The FFBS dramatically decreases the total cost of ownership for floating production storage and offloading units due to its high life expectancy without the need for maintenance.

Favuseal believes that high-end customers will continue to look towards Favuseal to get a product that has an appealing HSE profile and complies with any HC/JetFire standard found in the oil and gas sector.