Favuseal, a Norwegian supplier of advanced polymer-based passive fire protection (PFP), has received the contract for fire protection of the dry deluge system onboard the first FLNG vessel commissioned by the Malaysian state-owned company Petronas. Favuseal will supply around 40t of its revolutionary co-polymer product in order to protect the dry deluge system onboard the newbuilding. Daewoo cut first steel on the FLNG facility on 25 June, and deployment of one of the world’s most advanced FLNG vessels is scheduled in early 2015.

Favuseal CTO Christian Schlytter said: "Once again, a joint effort between National Oilwell FGS, the supplier of the dry deluge piping, and Favuseal paid off. As a state-owned company, Petronas will never compromise on quality and HSE standards. We here at Favuseal are very happy to see that our solution adapts to the inherently high standards found at Petronas of Malaysia. As a green easy-to-install HSE-compliant product, we hope that more ‘Big Oils’ will investigate what Favuseal has to offer in the field of thermal passive fire protection."

The dry deluge system is one of the most critical installations on an FLNG facility, and it must work regardless of the fire conditions it is subjected to. Favuseal, and the Favuseal Fire Barrier System (FFBS), yield ongoing protection and safety and ensure that the dry deluge system will perform flawlessly regardless of fire conditions.

The profile of Favuseal FFBS dramatically decreases the total cost of ownership (TCO) for oil companies worldwide due to increased life expectancy and no need for maintenance of the FFBS over time.

Favuseal believes that high-end customers will continue to look towards the company in order to get a product that has an appealing HSE profile and that complies with any HC/JetFire standard found in the oil and gas sector.