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Gassonic Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors for Giant Kashagan Project

Gassonic A/S, a developer and manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic gas leak detectors for the international oil and gas industry, has won an order for a major part of the safety system in the giant Kashagan Project in Kazakhstan, the largest oil and gas development project in the World.

Gassonic was the pioneer of ultrasonic gas leak detection and is today the global market leader in manufacturing specialized detectors that use ultrasound to detect hydrocarbon gas leaks. The detectors are being integrated as a vital part of the safety systems in oil and gas projects where pressurized gas is present.

Acoustic Gas Leak Detectors
The major problem facing conventional gas detection technologies is that they need the leaking gas to build up a concentration and come into physical contact with the sensor. This in turn means that a very long time may pass before an alarm is triggered. Gassonic’s acoustic gas leak detectors will, on the other hand, detect gas leaks at the speed of sound as this technology does not require the gas to come into physical contact with the detector. Nor are the detectors affected by challenging environmental conditions such as changing wind directions and fast gas dilution, conditions surrounding most oil amd gas installations – including the ones in the Kashagan Project.

The response time of a gas detection system is of the highest priority as time is a key deciding factor in preventing a dangerous gas leak from accumulating into an explosive gas cloud.

According to Managing Director Mr. Martin T. Olesen, Gassonic A/S is strongly positioned in the international oil and gas market and this order for the Kashagan Project will further emphasize the company’s position in the market for fast and reliable gas detection.

Gassonic A/S exports 95% of its products to the World’s leading oil and gas companies such as SHELL, BP, CONOCO/PHILLIPS, and AGIP. The company has distributors in all areas of the World with significant oil and gas exploration and production.

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