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Gassonic Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors Now SIL 2/3 Suitable

Based on highly stable microphone technology to ensure instant gas leak detection and including Senssonic™ integrated self-test technology, the Gassonic Observer is now rated SIL 2/3 suitable. The Gassonic Observer is the most advanced ultrasonic gas leak detector in the marketplace and designed for fixed installation in hazardous areas with pressurized gas. The detector is ideal for fast and reliable gas leak detection in oil/gas plant environment, compressor stations, FPSOs, chemical processing facilities, and underground gas storage facilities.

The Gassonic Observer is an ultrasonic gas leak detector that detects the distinctive high-frequency ultrasonic noise, emitted by pressurized gas leaks. The technology is being installed in the harshest environments around the world, ranging from arctic conditions in Russia to desert conditions in the Middle East and Africa. The detector is rated SIL 2/3 suitable and it is certified according to ATEX, C-UL, IECEx and GGTN K.

The integrated Senssonic self-test technology in the Gassonic Observer ensures full integrity and optimal performance at all times by the microphone sensor. If a failure should occur, the detector will raise an error signal on the 4-20 mA analog output in the DCS system, as well as on the digital communication interface of the detector. The Gassonic Observer is addressable through the RS485 serial communication interface. As the microphone technology makes the Gassonic detectors very robust and stable, maintenance costs are low.

Unlike conventional technologies, the ultrasonic gas leak detection technology is not affected by changing wind directions or fast dilution of the gas cloud. The ultrasonic gas leak detectors instantly detect gas leaks as small as 0.1kg per second in a radius up to 20m from the leak source. The ultrasonic gas leak detection technology is the only detection system that makes it possible to verify the actual detection radius, while commissioning the detectors. Therefore, this verifies the entire system performance.

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