TeamTec fire-rated marine windows are available in fire classes A-0, A-60 and H-120. They withstand fire, water pressure and explosions, and have a range of sound-reduction values that satisfy NOSOK requirements.

Our fire-rated windows provide a wide range of benefits:

  • Exceptional results for fire resistance, sound reduction and opacity tests
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flexible installation solutions
  • Rugged construction
  • Wide range of options
  • Simple change of glass
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Lightweight
  • Competitive delivery time
  • Quality throughout
  • Industry approved
  • Good overall economy

A-60 fire-rated marine windows

Where A-60 windows are to be installed numerous strict criteria are required to be met. TeamTec A-60 fire-rated marine windows comfortably meet all requirements, as listed below:

TeamTec fire-rated marine windows are available in fire classes A-0, A-60 and H-120.
Our fire-rated maritime windows withstand fire, water pressure and explosions.
Our marine windows have been fire-tested on both sides.
Our fire-rated maritime windows use the highest quality, blemish-free float glass.
  • TeamTec A-60 fire-rated marine windows have relevant type approval according to IMO Resolution A754 (18) based upon fire tests against the high-risk side
  • They are listed under MED Directive 96/98 EC
  • For delivery to EU countries, certificates according to module B and D, E or F is provided
  • They have toughened safety glass dimensioned as per ISO 3254 and ISO 1095 (side scuttles)
  • They have mechanical strength as required by ISO 3903 and ISO 1751 (side scuttles)
  • Their mechanical strength does not rely on spacers between the different layers of glass
  • They are efficiently protected against UV rays by UV-stop film

Explosion-pressure resistant windows

Our A60 windows are, due to their rugged construction, also suitable for applications where explosion pressure is a requirement. H120 (H60) windows are used on offshore production units including FPSOs.

Our H-class windows are constructed in the same manner as our A-60 class windows. The difference is the thickness of the fire-protective H-class glass. Our windows offer a unique combination of superior optical quality and explosion resistance.

A-0 fire-rated maritime windows

DNV requires all new supply ships with a Fi-Fi class rating to be equipped with A-0 windows. This requirement includes the wheelhouse as well as cabins. TeamTec will guarantee for the optic and are probably the only company in the industry that can provide this not only for A-0 windows but all its windows.

Jet-fire resistant marine windows

On some marine window installations there are jet-fire resistance requirements. Our H-120 fire-rated windows are the highest fire-rated windows to have been successfully tested to this standard.

High-temperature test furnace for fire-rated marine windows

Our windows are tested in a furnace where temperatures reach 945°C for our A-class windows and 1,100°C for our H-class windows.

Sound tested fire-rated maritime windows

Our windows have been sound tested by Byggforsk and Nemco in Oslo, Norway, and the test showed that we can manufacture windows with a sound reduction of 64dB. TeamTec can therefore fulfil the requirements between 48dB to 64dB sound reduction.

Float glass for fire-rated marine windows

Our windows use the highest quality, blemish-free float glass, laminated with silicate and equipped with UV-stop film. A special lamination process ensures high insulation value against noise, solar and heat loss. The glass package bolts into the external frame from the cabin side.

Frames for fire-rated maritime windows

The external frames for our fire-rated windows are made from a sturdy steel angle bar, and can be welded or bolted on to the structure. The internal frames are telescopic, for ease of installation. The frames are constructed of extruded, seaworthy aluminium.

Optional accessories for fire-rated marine windows

A range of options are available for customising TeamTec fire-rated marine windows, including roller blinds, Venetian blinds, tinted glass, stainless frames and bullet-proof glass.

Fully fire-tested maritime windows

Our marine windows have been fire-tested on both sides, including by the hose stream tests and heat radiation tests demanded by the latest IMO requirements and FPT codes.

Approved fire-rated marine windows

Teamtec holds a solid range of approval certificates for its fire-rated marine windows, gained from an extensive list of class societies. The windows are certified by all major classification societies, including MED.