HydrauRent allows clients to obtain additional hydraulic power in a flexible, rapid and cost-effective manner. Based on self-contained tailor-made hydraulic power packs, it is possible to deliver additional power at any location and at any time.

These solutions ensure that costly investments and the ongoing need to provide in-house maintenance and repair services are a thing of the past. Furthermore, this approach avoids costs for storage, regular inspections and certifications.

The HydrauRent programme includes HydrauPack diesel and electrically driven hydraulic powerpacks; HydrauWinch hydraulic winches; HydrauSupport filtration, flushing, cooling and de-water-units; as well as HydrauTool hand pumps, jacks and associated quick-release couplings and manifolds.

Customised hydraulic modules

The HydrauRent programme includes the HydrauPack, a modular concept developed by HydrauRent that consists of half 10ft containers in which hydraulic customised modules are realised up to 200kW. The individual modules can be connected quickly and easily to units of up to 800kW with the dimensions of a 20ft container.

HydrauRent is a leading supplier of customised hydraulic rental equipment.
The HydauPack concept consists of 10ft containers in which hydraulic modules are realised up to 200kW.
The HydrauWinch package includes standard hydraulic winches, CT winches and hoisting winches in a wide range on tonnages.
HydrauSupport offers hydraulic filtration units for cleaning hydraulic oil and for dewatering and de-aeration systems.

One of the units can also be set up specifically based on customer requirements. For example, you can reserve one of the units as a fuel tank, additional cooling capacity, storage solution for materials or as a working container.

Hydraulic winches, CT winches and hoisting winches

Hydraulic winches can also be supplied under the HydrauWinch name. The offered package includes standard hydraulic winches, CT winches and hoisting winches, which ensures we have a total package of solutions available in a wide range of tonnages up to 80t.

Hydraulic filtration units for oil cleaning, dewatering and de-aeration systems

In addition to the hydraulic power of the HydrauPack, HydrauRent also offers other rental solutions, such as hydraulic filtration units for cleaning hydraulic oil and for dewatering and de-aeration systems, all supplied under the HydrauSupport name.

De-aeration systems can also be rented as an ATEX version depending on the application area, which will ensure that it can be used in explosive atmospheres.

A flushing unit can quickly be supplied for cleaning hydraulic systems when you choose our flushing units, also under the HydrauSupport name.

HydrauTool hand pumps and jacks

The HydrauRent programme includes the HydrauTool for hand pumps and jacks in different dimensions, including the related rapid couplings and nozzles. Some typical hydraulic workshop-equipment can also be offered.

Cost-effective hydraulic rental solutions

Flexibility, speed and cost control are an important issue in all industrial sectors. These issues also emerge when additional hydraulic capacity is required. HydrauRent offers customised solutions for this. Additional capacity can be realised at any given moment at any location through customised hydraulics.

With HydrauRent, you will have equipment that is in perfect condition, always and everywhere without having to make costly investments. Other rental advantages include ending the cost of maintenance and repair work, and the rented equipment can be installed and commissioned on location by the professional engineers of HydrauRent.

HydrauRent also offers advantages after use when compared with equipment that is purchased by companies themselves. Systems that are temporarily not used must be stored and inspected and/or certified at set intervals: HydrauRent will relieve you of these additional and hidden costs in one go. You will always be assured of appropriate advice and a transparent cost overview regarding a possible rental solution, thanks to our extensive know-how and experience in the area of hydraulics.

Further benefits of HydrauRent include:

  • Temporary solution when disasters strike
  • Attractive alternative for costly investments exterminating
  • One service partner
  • Customised units and related components
  • Supply of hydraulic power up to 800kW
  • Flushing, filtration and dewatering systems in container size
  • Extensive hydraulic rental know-how and experience
  • FPAL membership