Luxury Rinsing Unit Cleans Large Hydraulic Systems

HydrauRent is introducing the latest expansion of its rental fleet: the HydrauSupport 2000FS. This luxury rinsing unit was specially developed for the flushing of large hydraulic systems. The mega rinsing speeds – of up to 10,000l per minute – ensure optimum cleaning of these hydraulic systems. The HydrauSupport 2000FS has been certified according to Lloyd’s Register and represents an important expansion of HydrauRent’s service package.

Built-in control room

The new HydrauSupport 2000FS is the size of a 20ft container and is modular, allowing multiple rinsing units to be connected to each other. Thanks to the two outlets, two separate loops can be rinsed simultaneously – doubling the system’s flushing capacity. Because flushing takes place in both directions, the hydraulic system is optimally cleansed.

After the rinsing procedure, the piping can be blown through with air. To increase user-friendliness, a control room has been built in. From here, the HydrauSupport is operated by Hydrauvision professionals.

Expert rinsing and filtering of large as well as smaller systems

In order to avoid malfunctions in a hydraulic system, it is essential to keep it clean by means of rinsing and filtration. This applies to both large and smaller hydraulic systems. In addition, a rinsing session should take as little time as possible, so that the system can be recommissioned again soon to maximise uptime. That is why HydrauRent supplies suitable equipment and Hydrauvision provides skilled personnel to operate the rinsing units.

After flushing, the hydraulic system is sealed off immediately, preventing dirt, wear, corrosion and other unforeseen circumstances, ensuring long-term and maintenance-free operation of the system. New and rented hydraulic systems are delivered and commissioned ready-rinsed. In addition, the flushing of the hydraulic system can be fully customised according to the client’s wishes, guaranteeing maximum reliability, lifespan and safety of the system, while minimising operational costs.

Whether you have a large hydraulic installation, for which the HydrauSupport was specially developed, or a smaller one – we have a rinsing and filtration solution to match. And the reliable operation of these cleaning units will always be in the able hands of Hydrauvision’s skilled professionals.

A tailor-made solution for any hydraulic system

HydrauRent offers a total package to maintain your hydraulic system and the hydraulic oil in optimum condition. This package includes rinsing and filtration units, dewatering and degassing installations, as well as cooling units. We provide ready-made solutions focussed on flexibility, speed and cost-control. You will always receive customised advice and service.

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