RESON BV has been awarded a new contract by Swiss-based Allseas Group to deliver a total of eight SeaBat 7125 Multibeam sonar systems with four Teledyne-TSS 440 Pipetrackers and four sets of Valeport CTD and current sensors. The sensors will be used on remotely operated vehicles (ROV) down to depths of 4,000m.

In 2007, Allseas Group purchased their first eight SeaBat 7125 systems. Due to the satisfying experience with the first delivery and increasing survey activities, Allseas Group has now ordered an additional eight systems. With this delivery, Allseas Group will have a total of 16 units of SeaBat 7125’s. These will all be operated as dual-heads systems, enabling them to detect small diameter pipes, cables and other objects with unparalleled accuracy.

The SeaBat 7125 dual-head sonar system consists of two complete sonar systems, with one master sonar processor and one acting as a “slave” to the other. The “master” processor is the sole interface for the operator, with all entered settings being instantly relayed to the secondary (or “slave”) processor. The “master” processor also dictates the ping sequence between the two sonar head assemblies in order to minimize feedback between the two systems.

Allseas Group is one of the major offshore pipelay and sub-sea construction companies in the world, operating specialized vessels and ROV’s to fulfill the requirements of its clients. Founded in 1985, it has gained worldwide experience in all types of offshore and subsea construction projects.