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NetSurvey Signs Contract For RESON SeaBat 7125-SV Multibeam Sonar Systems

RESON has been awarded a contract by the British-based NetSurvey Ltd. to deliver two SeaBat 7125-SV multibeam sonar systems in dual-head configuration,

NetSurvey is working within advanced hydrographic survey services using multibeam technology. From SOLAS chart-ing surveys to marine habitat survey, port surveys including quay wall inspection to multibeam specialist services for pipeline and site surveys. The company provides the highest quality and most technologically advanced solutions. The new SeaBat 7125-SV will be used for a variety of application requiring ultra-high resolution.

SeaBat 7125-SV offers a number of new and unique features. The new transceiver provides an integrated
multiport serial card and is available with PDS2000 pre-installed for data acquisition and display as well as data
processing on the same hardware platform. Four video outputs allow multiple user and helm displays to be run.
Variable swath coverage of up to 128° featuring a 400kHz frequency offers the preferred combination of swath and resolution. A real-time uncertainity output from the SeaBat 7125 may be used in PDS2000, along with information
from other sensor to calculate a TPE (Total Propagated Error). Soundings may be filtered by setting either the relevant
IHO order or by defining custom vertical error limit. Other new features in SeaBat 7125-SV are roll stabilization, XYZ offsets, Quality filter and advanced diagnostic which increase survey efficiency.

The managing director of NetSurvey, Duncan Mallace, states: NetSurvey has always been at the forefront of inno-vation in the use of multibeam technology and in the purchase of these two SeaBat 7125 systems we have the tools to enhance our products and services. The Seabat 7125 is, in our opinion, the most advanced multibeam sonar currently available and this will allow NetSurvey to continue to develop and provide unique high resolution solutions to our clients worldwide.

NetSurvey Ltd. has many years of experience using SeaBat sonar systems. In addition to the new SeaBat 7125 Net-Survey has SeaBat 8124, 8101, 8125, 8111 and 8160 sonar systems in the equipment pool. Two sound velocity probes, SVP-71 will be delivered with the new SeaBat 7125-SV sonar system.

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