Moorlink have recently supllied 34 M-Links for the Shell Perdido project. We have chosen to name this new type of connectors
‘M-Links’ (for MoorLink) to distinguish the product
from a traditional H-link. The M-Links feature are a large diameter hollow load bearing pin eliminates the need of a thimble or spool saving weight and cost, and also a hollow pin design which changes the stress distribution and allows for the use of lower-grade plates, cutting cost and delivery time. We also eliminate the need for expensive handling shackles for installation since the holes through the pins may be used for handling.

We are at the time of publishing just about to deliver the
34 units to Technip Offshore Finland for the Perdido Spar project.
In July 2007 MoorLink was awarded the contract to supply 34
polyester rope connectors (17.793kN MBL) for the Shell Perdido
Regional Hub Spar mooring lines. By using innovative ideas and advanced structural design work we have come up with a new type of more cost efficient and lighter connector that includes some unique features that have been patented, and we can conclude that
this has been an interesting and very challenging project
that is soon completed.