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Wire Clamps, Swivel Links, Connections and Mobile Mooring Components

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MoorLink’s special mooring components meet the most extreme needs of the demanding offshore industry.

We design, produce and install certified swivel links, connections and wire clamps for use on any chain, wire or rope. We have numerous by ABS/DNV GL approved swivel sizes and are involved in functional testing in test beds in co-operation with well-known laboratories.

Since 1995, Moorlink has delivered approximately 2,500 units worldwide. We focus on providing products for the following solutions:

  • Installation solutions
  • Mobile mooring solutions
  • Permanent mooring solutions

Swivel links

We supply all kinds of chain swivels and anchor handling swivels, as well as long-term mooring (LTM) swivel links such as the especially designed ML 1200/40 swivel link for the FPSO ‘PetroJarl Foinaven’, which is moored west of Shetland.

The ML 1200/40 LTM (Long Term Mooring) Swivel Link was designed and developed for the Golar Nor FPSO Petrojarl Foinaven 10-point mooring system.
The ML 1200/40 includes a large diameter Johnson Oile brass bearing avoiding buoy pig tail twisting around the mooring line whilst under tension/torque. All steel parts in the movement are protected by Orkot composite bushes and washers to avoid mechanical wear.
The ML 700LF/LT Mooring Swivel contains a double bearing system in order to achieve low friction and low break-out torque overcoming the torsion induced in mooring operations.
Moorlink low friction swivels are built to meet the most stringent requirements set by the offshore industry, capable of operating in water depths down to 2000m.
The ML 64-90/40 Mk 4 Wire Clamp is specially designed and developed for the requirement of fitting buoyancy (surface or sub-surface) to six stranded mooring wires of all possible diameters.

The link connects the upper two wire segments (diameter 135mm, six stranded wire each), as well as joining the 40 Te net up-lift subsurface buoy to the mooring line. The swivel link is constructed from a 200mm-thick plate and includes a large diameter brass bearing, which prevents the buoy pigtail from twisting around the mooring line. Composite Orkot bushes or washers (in total 14 on each swivel link) protect all items in movement.

Extensive technical investigations and calculation were performed in order to ensure these swivel links will withstand the adverse environment for at least 20 years. This included fatigue and static calculations, as well as cathodic protection calculations to meet DNV’s standard for long-term mooring systems. The complete weight in air is 2,450kg each.

Wire clamps

The Moorlink Mk4, Mk5 and Mk6 wire clamp series are specially designed wire clamps developed to fit surface or sub-surface buoyancy to six stranded mooring wires of any diameter, typically between 34mm and 103mm.

Clamps are also designed to other wire types and functions, such as hanging off a wire when performing maintenance to an FPSO.
The clamps are cast or forged in high-grade steel, heat-treated for correct material characteristic and finally machined to fit perfectly. A mould is then taken of the six stranded wire, which is placed in between the two halves of the outer casted casings. A specially chosen type and hardness of polyurethane is then poured into the inside of the steel halves.

The result is a high-performance system, which serves the two requirements of extremely high-longitudinal holding power and minimum wear / fatigue of the mooring wire. The outer part accommodates a swivel with a built-in shackle for easy fit of the buoy pigtail. The swivel limits the torque effect, which is built up in the mooring wire whilst under tension.


MoorLink swivels are supplied in either forged or cast versions. The structural design is thoroughly analyzed by FEM-analysis and allows the swivel to run through a fairlead, chaser ring or over an anchor handler stern roller under high load, avoiding damage to the bearing system or any other swivel part.

The bearing consists of a high-grade, maintenance-free bronze alloy slide bearing, moving over a polished stainless-steel washer. All mooring swivels can be approved by the major certifying authorities.

Buoyancy support

The MoorLink patented wire and chain clamps are specially designed and developed to fit surface or sub-surface buoyancy to mooring wires or chains of any diameter.

Our clamps are cast in a high-grade steel, heat-treated for correct material characteristic and finally machined to fit perfectly. The result is a high-performance system which serves the two requirements of extremely high-longitudinal holding power and minimum wear / fatigue of the mooring wire.

M-link mooring line connectors

The M-Link polyester mooring line connectors consists of two main plates and two main tubular shafts, eliminating the need for having loose and expensive thimbles. The holes in the shafts can also be used for simpler handling during installation and recovery. This means no handling shackles are required.

By introducing the hollow pin design, we have managed to integrate a few advantages that make it a very competitive alternative solution for connecting polyester / composite mooring lines.

Tether systems

MoorLink is a major supplier of tether systems for suspension of free-standing steel hybrid risers in buoyancy cans. In recently completed projects, we comply with the new extended testing requirements made by operators and classification companies.


MoorLink have supplied equipment to the following companies, which include:

  • Installation solutions:
    • Delmar systems
    • Transatlantic
    • Farstad Shipping
    • Bourbon Offshore
    • Petrobras
    • Solstad Shipping
    • Technip Flexi France
  • Mobile mooring solutions:
    • Atwood Oceanics
    • Diamond Offshore Drilling
    • Noble Drilling
    • Odfjell Drilling
    • Pride International
    • Transocean Offshore Drilling
  • Permanent mooring solutions:
    • BP America Production
    • Acergy / ExxonMobil
    • Samsung Heavy Industries / Exmar
    • Technip Brazil / Petrobras
    • Technip Finland / Shell

Press Releases

  • The fourth Ball Swivel set to Transocean Offshore

    In August 2007, MoorLink delivered its fourth rig set to Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling. The delivery included MoorLinks patented Ball Swivel Type 199 which was installed on "Transocean Leader" during its preparation for an assignment in Norway. The upgrade also included new fai

  • MoorLink supplies 34 M-Links for the Shell Perdido Project

    Moorlink have recently supllied 34 M-Links for the Shell Perdido project. We have chosen to name this new type of connectors 'M-Links' (for MoorLink) to distinguish the product from a traditional H-link. The M-Links feature are a large diameter hollow load bearing pin eliminates the need of a t

  • Pull in Socketsfor Heerema Marine Contractors

    Heerema Marine Contractors contracted Moorlink in January 2008 for the supply of three special riser pull in sockets to be used for the Perdido Spar riser pull in operation. In less than eight weeks Moorlink performed the design, purchase of high grade forged steel and completed the manufactu

  • P.D.E.T Tether Installed for Petrobras

    In September 2006 Moorlink was contracted by Technip Flexibras Tubos Flexiveis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to supply components for the tether chain system for the Petrobras PP.D.E.T Profundo project. The P.D.E.T Profundo project consists of the installation of an oil export pipeline


      • Ekofisk II

        The original Ekofisk area development consisted of eight oil and gas fields, namely Cod, Ekofisk, West Ekofisk, Tor, Albuskjell, Eldfisk, Edda and Embla.

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