In September 2006 Moorlink was contracted by
Technip Flexibras Tubos Flexiveis in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, to supply components for the tether chain system for the Petrobras PP.D.E.T Profundo project.

The P.D.E.T Profundo project consists of the installation of
an oil export pipeline and of a free standing hybrid riser
(FSHR) from the P-52 semi-submersible Floating Production
Unit (FPU) located in the Campos Basin, offshore Brazil.

This system is planned to remain in service for 25 years.
The PDET tether design was based on the previously delivered
tether systems by MoorLink for Kizomba A and Kizomba B.

The scope of work included two universal links fitted
with low friction bearings, and a load monitoring spool
piece. One main difference was the selected load monitoring
system, implying a lot more advanced CNC machining
to very high tolerances.

The tether manufacturing process is very strict due to the
fact that no redundancy of extra lines is included. Welding
and selection of forged material was essential. Mechanical
testing and position of the test sample take outs was
thoroughly analysed in order to achieve the true and right material

In spite of the increased demand from the industry
to improve material testing Moorlink has taken major
steps in increasing its material investigation and testing.