swivel at -40°C (-40°F) being subjected to a MBL test.

Cranemaster takes delivery of a SWL (safe working load) 700mT low-friction installation swivel manufactured by MoorLink.

MoorLink has delivered a SWL 700mT low-friction installation swivel to Cranemaster. The low-friction installation swivel is the largest (in size) delivered to date by MoorLink.

With a total length of 1.8m new ground was broken in the manufacturing process. The swivel has a maximum installation depth of 3,000m and MoorLink sees an increased market potential in large installation swivels as exploration depths increases.

With the latest delivery to Cranemaster MoorLink demonstrates its readiness to rise to the challenge of ultra-deepwater installations of the future.

MoorLink has also developed a new swivel for the Arctic Market. A new material specification and extensive testing shows that the new swivel type 177-M5-A endures even the most extreme conditions. The above image is a swivel at -40°C (-40°F) being subjected to a MBL test.