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High-Performance Synthetic Ropes with Dyneema® Fiber

2090 Thornton Street,
Ferndale, WA 98248,
United States of America

Samson is the world’s leading high-performance cordage manufacturer. Specializing in high-performance synthetic ropes made with Dyneema® fiber for offshore applications such as lifting slings, winch lines, and working lines, Samson offers an unparalleled service package to the offshore industry. The Samson advantage includes application knowledge, technical support, and product training and service.

High-performance synthetic ropes

Samson has more than 130 years of cordage history, with more experience designing and developing strength members using Dyneema® fiber than any other manufacturer in the world. We offer reliability you can count on in the offshore industry.

Combining this experience with extensive research and development has brought a suite of products designed to improve efficiency, reduce operation costs, and provide long-term value. Products are manufactured in two state-of-the-art facilities that utilize LEAN manufacturing and are strategically located near major shipping ports.

Heavy-lift synthetic slings

Heavy lifts using Samson high-performance synthetic slings are remarkably efficient. Lightweight, easy-to-handle slings require less equipment during rigging and can shorten the time associated with a heavy lift.

Samson slings have been rigorously tested and proven in projects in all corners of the world. From monopile installation at the Greater Gabbard Windfarm in the British sector of the North Sea, to pumping and manifold installation at the Cascade Chinook fields in the Gulf of Mexico, Samson knows slings.

High-performance synthetic winch lines

With offshore installations reaching increasing depths, Samson high-performance synthetic winch lines offer the offshore engineer the choice of reducing the overall deck load, reducing the equipment footprint and power requirements, or increasing the capacity of existing equipment.

High-strength, high-modulus synthetics are neutrally buoyant in seawater, and in some constructions, they float. That means the energy required to operate winches is spent lifting or lowering the payload, not the rope. By comparison, wire rope has a breaking length, which limits its use in ultra deepwater; Samson winch-line solutions do not.

Samson specifically meets the needs of the offshore industry by providing the following:

Testing and certification of synthetic ropes

Samson provides accurate and reliable product specifications based on rigorous testing, certifications with DNV, ABS, NK, Lloyd’s, and others, as well as extensive technical resources.

Specialty rope products for the offshore industry

We offer specialty rope products designed for the offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Technical support and qualified rope specialists

Sales and engineering staff know the requirements of your application and provide technical support accordingly. Our qualified service technicians are trained in HUET and survival, and are TWIC approved. These dedicated professionals provide on-site training in installation, usage, inspection, repair, and retirement.

Samson’s has two manufacturing sites: the Lafayette, La., facility is easily accessible to the Gulf of Mexico, while the Ferndale, Wash., facility is easily accessible to all ports off the Pacific Ocean.

Customers are also supported by Samson’s worldwide network of master fabricating distributors, who have stock on-hand for quick, skilled fabrication and on-time delivery.

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Samson Awarded for Outstanding Service by Professional Mariner Magazine

Samson, the worldwide leader in high-performance cordage, was pleased and honored to accept Professional Mariner’s Samuel Plimsoll Award for Outstanding Service by an Organization for 2011 at the Shipping 2011 Conference held March 21-23, in Stamford, Conn. The award was accepted by Dr. Ra


2090 Thornton Street

Ferndale, WA 98248

United States of America