riser handling system

Protea is well-known for delivering high-quality handling equipment including cranes, winches and launch and recovery systems for the offshore and onshore energy industries.

One specific area of expertise is the development and delivery of bespoke equipment for the handling of offshore drilling risers.

"The safe and efficient handling of riser joints is key to the successful operation of an offshore drilling rig," commented Tomasz Poprawa, project manager.

"We work closely with our global clients to deliver equipment that meets their specific needs and improves the efficiency of their offshore operations."

This includes offshore gantry and semi gantry cranes that are used to transport risers from storage racks to the drill floor. Both hydraulically driven and electrically driven cranes have been provided, classified by third parties such as ABS and DNV.
"The largest riser gantry crane was the unit supplied to Ensco for its 5006 semi submersible drilling rig – this had a 30m span, twin 27.5t SWL hoists and a 12.5m lift height" added Tomasz.

Protea has also delivered knuckle boom cranes specifically adapted for loading risers – based on the proven Proteus crane design, the knuckle boom is fitted with a riser handling yoke with an impressive 18t SWL.

"The first unit has now been in service with Transocean for four years and has certainly proved its effectiveness and reliability. The geometry of the crane and the design of the riser yoke allows the operator to rapidly transfer risers from a storage area to the catwalk machine on the Transocean Leader," highlighted Tomasz Poprawa.

In addition to specialist cranes, other riser handling solutions include a riser loader arm machine that was ordered by MHWirth for use by the Caspian Drilling Company. Capable of uprighting drilling risers up to 60ft in length and weighing to 30t the unit was also supplied with a riser guiding arm for installation on the drill tower.

"Supplying effective offshore riser handling solutions is the kind of challenge we excel at" said Tomasz Paszkiewicz, Protea CEO.

"We have an in-depth understanding of the operational challenges and by combining standard products with bespoke design, we can deliver unique solutions that meet our customer’s specific requirements."