Gusto MSC has placed a very substantially valued contract for the design, manufacture and suppply of a 5,000t crane winch package, due to be installed onboard Seaway Heavy Lifting’s next generation and state-of-the-art crane vessel, “Oleg Strashnov”.

The winch package consists of the following winches:

  • Two off-main hoist winches, double drum 2t x 100t @ 49m / min
  • One off-boom hoist winch, double drum 2t x 100t @ 71m / min
  • Two off-auxiliary hoist winches, 56t @ 52m / min
  • One off-whip hoist winch, 61t @ 52m / min
  • One off-trolley hoist winch, 17t @ 60m / min
  • One off-trolley travel winch, 36t @ 30m / min

The new equipment is scheduled to be delivered to IHC Merwede Shipyard in August 2009, where the vessel is being constructed.