Fisher Offshore specialises in the sale and rental of hydraulically and pneumatically driven offshore and subsea equipment and the provision of seabed excavation and umbilical spooling services. Our equipment range includes high pressure and low pressure breathing air compressors (fully certified for use in hazardous locations), high volume compressors, steam generators, zoned HP hot water washdown units, hydraulic power packs, umbilical and cable reels, hydraulic diver and ROV tools, winches, cranes, hot air fans, a-frames and custom equipment.

Fisher Offshore’s extensive range of subsea hydraulic and pneumatic diver and ROV tooling includes:

  • Grinders
  • Reciprocating saws
  • Cut-off saws
  • Anvil and guillotine cutters
  • Drills
  • Impact wrenches
  • Torque tools
  • Torque analysers
  • Pressure intensifiers
  • Hydraulic cleaning tools
  • Breakers
  • Chipping hammers

Fisher Offshore can also provide bespoke engineering solutions to meet customers’ specific equipment requirements by designing and building innovative tools. Our most recent projects include the manufacture of an 800t hydraulic shear, used for performing fast and efficient scrap cuts on a variety of materials of varying sizes and thickness.

We have also expanded our range of portable drilling equipment by introducing the HD400 portable drilling machine. It’s ideal for topside and subsea repetitive drilling and stud removal applications and is capable of drilling up to 254mm diameter holes. In addition, Fisher Offshore has developed a 10in and a 14in bandsaw, both capable of cutting pipe, square section, RSJ’s and solid bar stock in most material grades.

Stanley hydraulic underwater grinders for grinding and wire brushing.
Fisher Offshore’s Oldmeldrum facility.
14in subsea bandsaw.

Our range of services includes seabed excavation, spooling management and equipment familiarisation for client personnel.


Fisher Offshore’s fleet of HydroDigger mass flow excavation systems can be used for a variety of seabed excavation projects. These include pipeline crossing corrections, sand wave levelling, decommissioning work, removal of rock dump and pipeline burial/deburial.

The HydroDigger has established an excellent global reputation by safely completing contracts in the most arduous conditions, and the subsea construction industry now recognises the operational and cost benefits of the HydroDigger system. The system is a hydraulically powered, self-contained unit, which is deployed and recovered from its dedicated handling system.

The digging tool creates a trench by driving a high volume column of water at the seabed. No physical contact is made between the excavation tool and the seabed; therefore there is no risk of damage to fixed structures or subsea assets by this process.


Fisher Offshore also offers controlled umbilical and rope spooling services from our base in Aberdeen. We have the capability to spool long lengths of umbilical, wire rope or fibre rope under controlled conditions with a minimum 10m separation between the spooler and tensioner and from the tensioner to the customer’s winch.

We can provide up to 10t bail tension typically on armoured ROV umbilicals and winch wires to prevent damage during lifting operations. We also have steam cleaning and pressure washing capabilities for removal of old lubricants and residues. In addition, we can carry out pressure lubrication on umbilicals and some wire ropes to extend their working life and to give environmental protection. Winches can also be tested on our 50t test bed prior to spooling.

Fisher Offshore is part of the James Fisher Group of Companies, the UK’s leading provider of marine services and is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.