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Versabar’s VersaCutter Named Award Recipient at OTC 2015

Versabar wins award at OTC 2015

Versabar’s VersaCutter received the 2015 Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award at the Offshore Technology Conference held in Houston, Texas, US.

The Woelfel BMEA Award recognises a product, device, or system displayed at the Offshore Technology Conference, which best reflects innovation and/or practical use of mechanical engineering in solving problems, improving design or maximizing performance.

The VersaCutter is a subsea cutting tool that provides a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly way of severing subsea structures such as platforms and pipelines no longer in production.

It delivers a long reciprocating cutting wire up to 20ft below the mudline by jetting, with the wire continuously cutting through the piles and conductors.

The VersaCutter was also a 2015 Spotlight on New Technology Award recipient.

For more information, please contact Versabar.

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