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Versabar Provided Lift Engineering for Space Center Houston’s Independence Plaza

Independence Plaza, Houston, TX, US

Versabar provided lift engineering and custom rigging in order to lift the full-size Nasa space shuttle replica, Independence, and mount it atop Nasa 905, a Boeing 747 shuttle carrier aircraft (SCA), in the creation of a new world-class aviation exhibit, Independence Plaza.

The massive museum display held its grand opening on 23 January at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, US.

Independence Plaza replicates the piggyback configuration Nasa used to ferry space shuttle thousands of miles across the country for decades.

Visitors are able to tour inside both the shuttle and the SCA, which house interactive displays honouring and educating about the history of Nasa’s 30-year space shuttle programme.

Versabar weighed the 80t shuttle replica months prior to lifting to determine its weight and center of gravity in order to ensure a level lift. Versabar engineers designed the two-bar lift using counterweight to align the centre of gravity (CoG) of the rigging to that of the shuttle. The replica was gently lowered onto the same attach points that the real space shuttles used to mount onto the aircraft, but the replica was modified to sit at a more level angle in order for exhibit visitors to safely walk inside.

Versabar is proud to have played a part in the creation of this new international landmark.

Versabar provides custom heavy lift solutions to clients worldwide.

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