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Versabar Rigging Used in Refinery Lift

Refinery Lift

Versabar provided lift engineering and rigging to install a 358,500lb exchange structure at a refinery.

Versabar’s weighing crew travelled to the job site and utilised 20 jacks and load cells to weigh the structure, calculating the weight and centre of gravity with an accuracy of +/- 1%. Using this data, Versabar rigging engineers determined precise sling and spreader bar lengths to ensure a safe and level lift.

Within a month, Versbar designed, fabricated, assembled, and delivered a full rigging assembly consisting of nine spreader bars, 24 slings, 54 shackles, two link plates, and ten turnbuckles.

Versabar’s engineering expertise and extensive inventory of load-tested, certified rigging equipment provide the company with the ability to accommodate virtually any size lift, reliably and efficiently. Versabar engineers rig more than 7,000 lifts each year.

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