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Rig Moving, Conductor Driving, Derrick Assembly, Modifications and Inspections

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Wagenborg Foxdrill is the key specialist providing solutions in the field of (special) transport, lifting, conductor driving, project management, engineering, derrick assembly, modifications and inspections.

Safety and quality comes first with us. Our commitment to extensive training ensures Wagenborg Foxdrill employees always meet the highest safety, environmental, technical and quality standards. Our company possesses the certificates ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, SCC ** and IRATA. We are also FPAL registered.

Wagenborg Foxdrill offers clients tailor-made and comprehensive service packages. Whether it concerns a single commission or a complete project package, we are your partner.

We are Europe’s leading specialist in on and offshore rig moving, derrick assembly, conductor driving, derrick modifications and inspections.

Installation of OD-21 derrick package, MHI yard, Nagasaki, Japan.
Installation of drill package at Noble George Sauvageau, Eemshaven, The Netherlands.
Conductor driving of 38 wells on D-Island in the Caspian Sea, with purpose made land-frame (no rig necessary).
When cranes are not available at site, alternative rigging allows for the change out of cylinders.
Rigmoves: participation in post rig move analysis improves the rig move concept, resulting in a reduction on move cost.

Rig moving services for the offshore industry

Core business of Wagenborg Foxdrill is rig moving, which involves providing logistic services to the drilling contractor or operator to move their land rig or modular offshore rig from drill site to drill site. Rigs are disassembled, transported and assembled in an efficient and safe way, reducing non-drilling time to a minimum.

Our experience goes back to 1942 when the first wooden land rig was erected for the Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij (later Shell) in the Netherlands. Since then, our work area expanded to Europe, the Middle East and former Soviet republics.

The preparation we apply to a rig move before we start work gives our customers the assurance that we meet their expectations. Each move is documented in a rig move manual comprising site visits, road inspections, resource planning, procedures, method statements and safety assessments. Experience gained during a move is used to update the manual and to improve the next move, resulting in post move meetings and in sessions to improve rig concepts.

Our full-time employees are some of the most experienced and productive that you will find in the industry. Many of us have worked together for a number of years, accumulating experience on many types of rigs.

Wagenborg Foxdrill can mobilise state-of-the-art equipment for each rig move such as mobile cranes, trucks and rigging equipment. Most of this equipment is Wagenborg Group owned. For overseas moves, expertise of Wagenborg Shipping can be called in, resulting in a door-to-door service.

Derrick assembly and outfitting

Wagenborg Foxdrill rig moving crews are regularly involved in the erection and outfitting of offshore derricks for new build projects worldwide. A milestone was set with the erection of the Njord dynamic derrick with integrated flare tower in 1996. Since then, many projects have been successfully completed involving various types of derricks like static, dynamic and dual load path.

We have the know-how, qualifications and recourses to make your derrick project successful – from steel erection to installation of pipe handling and drilling equipment; from quayside assembly to hook up on the rig.

Wagenborg Foxdrill derrick builders have IRATA rope access capabilities. This allows our technicians to gain access to work areas which normally require staging. The set-up time for rope access is minimal compared to conventional access methods.

Safety of our derrick building operations is guaranteed by adequate engineering, trained and skilled site personnel, procedures, method statements, safety assessments and proper planning.

Derrick modification and inspection

Derrick modifications form a significant part of our business worldwide. We have been involved in upgrading derricks for increased capacity and/or the introduction of new equipment such as racking systems, etc. Whatever you need done to your derrick, Wagenborg Foxdrill has the experience and resources to support your project safely and efficiently.

Typical projects are:

  • Removal and reinstallation of crown block and/or crown mounted compensator cylinders
  • Derrick extension
  • Derrick beef-up
  • Replacement of guide rails
  • Replacement of pipe handling systems
  • Bolt changes
  • Derrick windwall and heat shield cladding
  • Replacement of vent lines

We have developed and successfully deployed an alternative hoist device to remove and reinstall compensator cylinders from derrick tops on semis and drill ships. This system eliminates the use of big cranes or crane barges.

Wagenborg Foxdrill also provides a complete derrick inspection and survey service . As a company that not only builds derricks but inspects them to, we can first identify areas of concern that could disrupt operations or be a hazard to personnel, provide corrective recommendations and then perform.

Conductor installation

Conductor installation is another major activity of our company. Also here, involvement goes back many years. In 1984, Wagenborg Foxdrill introduced the IHC Hydrohammer for installations of conductors offshore. This hammer concept has many advantages versus diesel driven types e.g. controllability of the piling process. Over the years, Wagenborg Foxdrill expanded the hammer spread. Currently, state-of-the-art equipment is available in the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

For onshore applications, Wagenborg Foxdrill uses an own engineered piling frame. This frame enables the conductor to be held perfectly vertically while the hydraulic hammer drives it into position. There is a significant cost saving as a drilling rig is not required. Also, this method of installation will allow the entire operation to be undertaken off the critical field development path.

To complete the installation service, Wagenborg Foxdrill provides the required conductor pipes as well. A ‘one stop shop’ package can be offered, which includes:

  • Drivability analysis
  • Installation method
  • Piling equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • Tubular handling equipment
  • Conductor pipes

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    Bauge Field, formerly known as Snilehorn, is an oil field located in block 6407 / 8 of production license PL348 in the Norwegian North Sea.

  • Kashagan Offshore Oil Field

    Discovered in July 2000, Kashagan was described as the largest field found in the past 30 years, the largest outside of the Middle East, with a projected output close to that of the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Jotun Oil and Gas Field Project

    The Jotun field is located on the Utsira High, between the Balder and Heimdal fields, approximately 200km west of Stavanger, Norway.

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