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DYNAVIS Technology Takes Centre Stage at CONEXPO 2014

DYNAVIS® Technology made its North American debut and its inaugural appearance at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show and IFPE conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 4 to 8 March. Previous appearances of this extensive display on fuel-saving technology for hydraulic fluids had been limited to joint appearances with major construction equipment OEMs in European and Asian construction equipment trade shows.

Evonik marketing and branding director for Oil Additives Dr Oliver Eyrisch said: "At CONEXPO, we connected with and supported two primary groups: construction equipment fleet owners who may be unaware of the significant fuel-saving potential offered by DYNAVIS Technology, and oil marketers, who are DYNAVIS Technology licensees and are currently supplying hydraulic fluid that incorporates DYNAVIS Technology."

Oil marketers, fleet owners and operators were drawn to the DYNAVIS Technology wall display of case studies to investigate the significant fuel savings achieved by changing from conventional monograde hydraulic fluid to fluid formulated with DYNAVIS Technology. An impressive fuelsaving testimonial from South Germany based civil engineering and road-building company Schrode GmbH CEO Rainer Schrode was the focus of one of three case studies featured at the display.

Many visitors to the DYNAVIS stand were attracted to the specially designed ‘simulator’ where they could feel the difference DYNAVIS Technology makes. "The bicycle simulation is set up with two bicycles, each pushing a column of oil to the top of a clear acrylic cylinder," noted Dr Eyrisch. "One column is filled with DYNAVIS-formulated hydraulic fluid, the other with an ISO-46 monograde fluid. While one pedaler struggled to push the monograde fluid up the column, the other easily pumped the DYNAVIS-formulated fluid to the top. All who watchedquickly learned that DYNAVIS Technology was the winning choice, and that in the real world of excavation equipment, maximum benefits from DYNAVIS Technology are realised when equipment is pushed to its maximum capabilities.

"The performance advantage in productivity gain and fuel efficiency makes the selection of hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS Technology an easy one, especially for owners and operators of large fleets of hard-working construction equipment."

The display also included animated demonstrations on large flat screen monitors that provided a visual cross-section of hydraulic pump operation, with a focus on the problem of ‘internal leakage’ encountered when using sub-standard fluids. The animation demonstrated how DYNAVIS Technology meets this critical challenge for hard-working construction equipment, boosting efficiency and sustaining performance.

Using interactive digital calculators, construction equipment fleet owners who visited the stand were able accurately predict the savings achieved by replacing their conventional monograde hydraulic fluid with a DYNAVIS-formulated hydraulic fluid. After entering details like fleet size, hydraulic fluid sump capacity, intervals between change-outs and diesel fuel prices and operating costs, fleet owners pinpointed the DYNAVIS Technology advantage in five to ten minutes.

Oil Additives global managing director Dr Ralf Düssel was on hand to explain the value of DYNAVIS Technology to visitors to the stand as well. Also joining the DYNAVIS Technology team were representatives from TOTAL, the French major oil company, and an early adopter of DYNAVIS Technology. TOTAL is licensed to carry the DYNAVIS label on its EQUIVIS HE line of hydraulic fluids.

As the case studies indicated, no matter the application, civil engineering and road building, construction debris recycling, or pipeline excavation, premium, high-performance multi-grade fluids formulated with DYNAVIS Technology out-perform simple monograde hydraulic fluids, and provide rapid payback in both fuel and operational savings. Members of the DYNAVIS Technology Team working at the CONEXPO distributed many copies of a new DYNAVIS Technology brochure titled, "Your profit is our success – marketing support for DYNAVIS licensees."

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