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EM&I Camera Insertion Methodology to be used on FPSOs

EM&I’s unique camera insertion methodology, a component of its ODIN™ Diverless UWILD (underwater inspection in lieu of drydocking), is set to be used offshore Brazil. The camera insertion methodology is used to inspect critical isolation valves and sea chests. It does not require divers, can be undertaken whilst the asset is in service, and gives better and more accurate data than other methods.

A successful demonstration of the camera insertion methodology was carried out by EM&I to classification societies, regulators and clients at its training and validation centre in the UK, and has been fully accepted by the groups.

EM&I Group CEO Danny Constantinis said: "Our diverless UWILD methodology, ODIN, has met with great interest and affirmation and the new camera insertion methodology is receiving positive interest. The visual results from the demonstration we gave provided exceptional views of in service valves and valve gates, giving better quality and more useful information for our clients. ODIN, has proved successful and has shown benefits to operators in major cost and risk reduction and the camera insertion is a beneficial addition to our diverless UWILD strategy."

ODIN is currently being implemented on two FPSOs in Brazil and is being evaluated as a fleet-wide approach for a major lease operator.

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