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Harris Pye Engineering

Rig and FPSO Repairs, Upgrades and Conversions, and Inspection and Consulting Services for the LNG Industry

The Harris Pye Group is a global player in the offshore oil and gas, industrial and marine industries.

David Davies Road,
No. 2 Barry Dock,
South Wales,
CF63 4AB United Kingdom

The Harris Pye Group is a global player in the offshore oil and gas, industrial and marine industries. With a worldwide operation on a 24/7 basis, we offer services in preventative maintenance, conversion work and cost-effective repair.

Harris Pye offers in situ repair, upgrade and conversion of rigs, semisubmersibles, trading tankers, FSU, FSO and FPSO and FSRU units, and inspection and consulting services for the LNG industry.

In one year alone we completed more than $60m’s worth of turnkey project contributions involving steel renewals, pipework and mechanical work. Our state-of-the-art in-house facilities enable us to provide comprehensive overhaul, conversion and refurbishment services.

Our expertise includes automation and control engineering; electrical work; construction steel works; high and low-pressure pipework; specialist welding; heat treatment; mechanical works, including pumps, and compressors; HVAC; accommodation; and outfitting.

We were involved in the pioneering projects when FPSOs and FSOs were still experimental in the 1980s. We had key inputs to the development of safe use of dual fuel for boilers and the safe and practical application and installation. We have been involved in more than 45% of all FPSOs ever converted or new built in the world.

LNG inpection and repair services for the offshore industry

Harris Pye offers a range of LNG inspection and repair – on-board or dry dock – including machinery overhaul, e.g main and auxiliary engines; cargo access equipment; steam plants and boilers; automation; electrical repairs; cargo and spray pumps; gas compressors; turbo alternator turbines; forced draft fan; vacuum pumps; steam armatures; main turbines; gears; welding, pipework and steelwork.

Deck boilers, complete boiler systems, surveys and repairs

Intended primarily for use on FPSO, FSO and other marine installations, deck boilers can easily be adapted and modified for use in any number of applications, which have a requirement for power and process steam.

We offer complete boiler systems, encompassing every aspect of design, supply, installation and commissioning. There are only a limited number of companies that can offer this technology and equipment to the market, let alone the turnkey possibility.

We offer a comprehensive inspection and reporting service for industrial and marine boiler plants, turbines, steam chests, and valves, using state-of-the-art inspection equipment and procedures such as preventative maintenance; remnant life assessment; fibre optic inspection; non-destructive testing; replicate testing; and ultrasonic thickness gauging.

Boiler repair services include retubing; new tube plates and headers; superheaters; economisers; air heaters and combustion systems; headers and tube manipulation; chemical cleaning; mechanical cleaning; and refractory renewals.

Supply, installation and commission of all combustion equipment

We supply, install and commission all combustion equipment, including automatic combustion controls (ACC) and burner management systems (BMS), field gas, HFO and MDO fuel delivery skids, feed and condensate systems, and steam distribution systems. We can also supply process equipment such as turbo-alternators and crude heaters, and provide full conversion services from HFO to dual fuel, including re-tubing and dual fuel (field gas and MDO) and combustion equipment.

Engine overhaul, propeller servicing and pipework

We offer full engine overhaul and reconditioning, as well as a full propeller service, repairs and renewals.

Full pipework system design and installations for grey / black water, ballast water management, cooling water, hydraulic control systems, and fire-fighting systems are offered in a wide range of specialist materials, such as ferrous; non-ferrous tubing, pipes and fittings; cryogenic; PVC; GRP; hydraulic; and stainless-steel pipes and fittings.

Our pipe design service includes initial survey; production of drawings for class approval by way of a full CAD system; and preparation of a full scope of work and specification of materials.

Steelwork, steel inspection and repair for the offshore sector

We carry out steel fabrication of skids, accommodation and decks; tank top replacements; ballast repairs; cargo tank repairs; steel repairs adjacent to NGC containment systems with approved repair methods; design of deck extensions; permanent lifting structures; and helideck extensions for compliance with local country regulations.

We also offer design, manufacture and installation of sandwich plate systems (SPS).

Instrumentation and electrical control systems

We offer instrumentation and electrical control systems, including the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of boiler combustion control and burner management; feedwater control systems; alarm, monitoring and data acquisition systems; diesel / turbine propulsion and manoeuvring control systems; cargo and bilge overboard discharge monitoring systems; inert gas control systems; process pressure / temperature / level / viscosity control systems; fixed and portable tank gauging and monitoring systems; fire and safety system servicing and certification. We also offer the service, repair, calibration and certification of fixed and portable gas detection equipment.

Environmentally friendly deck boilers and low sulphur technology

Harris Pye’s new product division supplies and installs environmentally friendly, efficient systems such as deck boilers, low sulphur technology, LDSO, ballast water systems, exhaust gas scrubbing and heat exchangers.

The Harris Pye Economiser range is specifically designed to recover the waste heat contained within boiler exhaust gases and to transfer as much of this energy as possible to the incoming boiler feed water stream by pre-heating it prior to its entry into the boiler.

Cheleken Contract Area Development, Caspian Sea

The Cheleken Contract Area consists of two offshore oil and gas fields, namely Dzheitune (Lam) and Dzhygalybeg (Zhdanov), lying in water depth between 8m and 42m in the eastern section of the Caspian Sea, offshore Turkmenistan.

Aseng Field

Aseng Field (previously known as Benita) is an oil and gas field offshore Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. The field lies at a water depth of about 3,100ft (945m).

Peregrino Field, Campos Basin

The Peregrino field is located in the Campos Basin area, 85km offshore Brazil. The field is owned and operated by Statoi

Xikomba Oil Field

ExxonMobil's Xikomba deepwater development in Angola, West Africa, is located in the north-west corner of Block 15, approximately 230 miles (370km) north-west of Luanda.

White Rose Oil and Gas Field

The White Rose field is located 350km east of Newfoundland, approximately 50km from both the Terra Nova and Hibernia fie

Harris Pye Completes £60m Offshore Projects in Under a Year

In April 2012, global maritime and offshore engineering group Harris Pye revealed that it had taken on £10.5m of offshore projects in just that month alone. This week - less than a year later - group managing director Mark Prendergast announced that the company turned over a total of £60m in the sector during 2012, and is expecting that figure to rise to at least £95m by the end of 2013.

Harris Pye Works With Harland and Wolff to Repair FPSO SeaRose

Global maritime and offshore oil and gas engineering company Harris Pye has completed planned maintenance and upgrades on Husky's SeaRose floating production and storage (FPSO) vessel, the first to be dry-docked in the UK in 12 years.

Harris Pye Successfully Tests its 3D Laser Scanner on LNG Carrier

Global maritime and offshore oil & gas engineering company Harris Pye revealed today that it has successfully used its innovative 360° 3D scanner to survey the engine room of Neva River (ex Celestine River), the LNG carrier of "K" Line LNG Shipping (UK) Ltd., pre-ballast water system CAD design, selection and installation.

Harris Pye Group Completes Major Brazilian Offshore Project

In just 90 days, the Harris Pye Group successfully completed the survey and upgrade of Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc's (DODI) dynamically positioned drillship, the Ocean Clipper. All work was completed well within schedule.

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