Offshore technical advisory services

DNV GL is the leading technical advisor to the global oil and gas industry, enabling safer, smarter and greener operations in every hydrocarbon-producing country in the world. The company partners with its customers and the oil and gas industry to promote progress. From creating gas distribution networks for growing cities to extending the lives of oil platforms in mature oil fields and assuring the performance of new pipelines, DNV GL’s 5,500 exceptional industry experts have tackled complex challenges at every stage of the asset life cycle.

Through world-class marine and onshore technical assurance, advisory and risk management services, the company helps customers to perform on time, on budget and to high quality standards, often in the most demanding environments. United by its vision to create a safe and sustainable future, DNV GL works to drive the sector forward by collaborating with industry partners to define internationally recognised practices, standards and systems.

Risk management, technical advice and technical assurance

In September 2013, DNV and GL Noble Denton joined forces to bring greater expertise and enhanced innovation capabilities to their customers. The companies formed DNV GL because they had a vision to draw upon their proud heritages to build an industry leading technical advisor that could drive innovation and standardisation on behalf of the whole sector.

DNV GL's unique and world-renowned Spadeadam test centre allows full-scale testing to the extremes of operating conditions, including explosions and catastrophic failures.
DNV GL issues marine warranty approvals for some of the largest field developments, including the world’s first floating production facility (FPSO).
DNV GL provides consultancy, engineering and project management services on subsea developments, including concept selection, field architecture, flow assurance, flow lines, pipelines, risers, umbilicals, manifolds, templates, trees, jumpers and subsea controls.
Pipeline live intervention – Grouted Tee - DNV GL's alternative method of hot-tapping into high and low pressure pipelines that does not require major welding operations for both onshore and offshore operations.
GL Noble Denton approved the Troll A Platform. At an overall height of 472m, weighing 656,000t it is the tallest structure ever moved by mankind.

DNV GL is now the leading provider of risk management, technical advisory and technical assurance services to the oil and gas industry. The company is an innovation powerhouse, with the technical skills, scale and scope to tackle the industry’s most complex challenges. It is a strong and independent third-party advisor that is also working to promote greater transparency in the industry by developing, setting and sharing new standards. It is also an expert service provider, dedicated to helping customers to achieve safer, more reliable and enhanced performance in their projects and operations.

Technical services from project planning to asset decommissioning

DNV GL’s unparalleled investment in innovation, its global network of technical experts, and its focus on developing solutions for even the most complex industry projects allows the company to deliver a broad portfolio of technical services that covers every stage of the oil and gas lifecycle, from project planning to asset decommissioning.

From onshore pipelines to oil and gas processing facilities, subsea production structures and deep water floating platforms, DNV GL calls on its decades of technical expertise to support the industry in its goals to improve safety, reliability and performance. The company also produces more than 170 sector-leading standards and recommended practices that support and promote overall industry safety and growth.

Technical expertise to enhance offshore safety, reliability and performance

An acute shortage of skilled professionals is affecting every area of the oil and gas industry’s development. As DNV GL’s customers focus on increasing their standards of global delivery, it is critical that they partner with a trusted, independent and globally consistent source of support and expertise.

DNV GL meets that need head-on, offering access to more than 5,500 exceptional technical experts with a passion for solving the most complex technical safety, reliability and performance challenges in projects and operations. The company’s global network of experts includes the industry’s forefront specialists in every major operational area, from subsea and floating production platforms, semi-submersible rigs and pipelines, to receiving terminals, and even national and city gas distribution networks.

Customers tell DNV GL that they choose to partner with the company because its people work hard to understand their needs, and deliver the highest standards of expertise to match. DNV GL invests in developing the competencies of its employees, helping them to stay at the cutting edge of their technical fields through internal and industry qualification and training schemes, as well as technology programmes with academic partners, such as the University of California at Berkley. This enables DNV GL’s people to develop further their core competencies, and ensures consistent global delivery across its services.

An integrated approach across the entire asset lifecycle

DNV GL supports the oil and gas industry’s leading players in identifying and controlling risk, enhancing safety and performance, and assuring reliability and efficiency at every stage of a project’s development and operation. Whether the company is providing independent technical advice on a single engineering challenge, or delivering entire risk management services for a global portfolio of oil and gas assets, its focus is on supporting customers every step of the way.

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DNV GL offers access to more than 5,500 oil and gas industry technical experts around the world. It has offices in 39 countries and a presence in every hydrocarbon-producing country.

To find an office near you, please visit the company’s website or use the contact details below.