Independent institiute of polymer and plastics technology Norner will be participating at the ONS exhibition in Stavanger from 25 to 28 August. We invite customers and welcome any business contacts to discuss how we can cooperate and support their material, product and development challenges.

Plastics have a lot of opportunities as corrosion free, lightweight and durable material for many components and applications in the oil and gas sector. Still several companies need support to define how to utilise plastics and rubber in the offshore sector. New explorations also put continuously new demands for improved materials withstanding higher pressure, aggressive environment and arctic conditions.

Norner holds global expertise within plastics, formulations and an extensive laboratory for testing and verification of performance. With our assistance several leading companies have secured their developments including IP rights and patent filing. Some of our key services for oil and gas are:

  • Innovation projects and cooperation
  • Material technology and selection
  • Development of tailor made recipes and materials
  • Testing and verification of plastics durability, ageing and weather resistance
  • Testing of rubbers including ozone exposure
  • Exposure testing of plastics and rubber at high pressure and temperatures
  • Testing according to Norsok M-501 and M-710
  • Lifetime analysis and estimations


Henning Baann, Business Director, Norner AS, tel: +47 91 55 09 35 e-mail:
Ole Jan Myhre, Market Manager, Norner AS, tel: +47 90 75 67 25, e-mail: