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Finder Pompe Partial Emissions Pump Series’ Dual PEP

The range of “partial emissions” pumps (PEP series) manufactured by Finder Pompe includes a two-stage design.

The Dual PEP is a two-stage overhung pump using two low flow design impellers in back-to-back configuration, enclosed in a radially split, barrel-shaped, centreline supported integral casing, maintaining the end-top nozzle configuration.

Dual PEP features the same PEP hydraulic concept, i.e. partial emission pumps, fitted with a “Barske” type star impeller. This easily meets the low-flow, high head process requirements without the use of increased speed solutions.

It also maintains all the advantages given by the low-flow, high head single-stage series, such as no backflow and high stability at low flow conditions, low NPSHr without the use of inducers, use of API 682 standard mechanical seals, high reliability and maintainability.

The radial and axial forces imposed by the impellers on the shaft are fully balanced through the back to back and opposite discharge ports configuration.

The bearing frame and shaft dimensions are oversized compared to the single-stage PEP version to ensure minimum shaft deflection under all operating conditions.

The Dual PEP can be used to handle oil, hydrocarbons and chemicals on a capacity range up to 19m³/h against a total dynamic head up to 550m.l.c without the use of speed increasing devices. Standard design pressure of the casing is 7.0MPa  (70kg/cm2), standard suction and discharge flange rating ANSI 600 RF.

All API 610 material combinations, except cast iron, are available.

The two-stage low flow, high head pumps are also available in BB2 and OH3 configurations. The latter has been specifically designed as a space-saving alternative to the overhung version, especially for offshore and FPSO installations.

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