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Large Bore Heat Exchangers

Large bore heat exchanger

When seeking a supplier to provide heat exchangers, you would expect to find a deep-seated understanding of well testing processes.

Behind our front door, you will find a group of like-minded well test engineers, senior testing operators and managers who understand and work with HYSYS to tackle flow assurance.

Our heat exchangers are carefully designed and selected to provide tangible added value, outperforming others in the market place. Any industry performance specifications were carefully researched and exceeded before heat exchangers were added to our portfolio.

Large bore heat exchanger benefits:

  • 10,000psi, 4in ID large bore coil
  • 3in maximum orifice choke box
  • 20ft ISO high-cube frame with stacking facility
  • 10,000bbls and 60mmscf/day with lower back pressure assured
  • Pilot-operated relief valve, allowing greater super imposed back pressure
  • 6in rupture disc for rapid activation
  • Automatic temperature control

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