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Industrial and Technical Gloves

Cestus, an ancient Roman battle glove, adorned many gladiators into the ring. Today, Cestusline creates multifaceted gloves ranging from basic utility, gardening gloves, oil-resistant gloves, and anti-vibration technical gloves.

13818 NE Airport Way,
97230 Oregon,
United States of America

13818 NE Airport Way,
97230 Oregon,
United States of America

Cestusline Offshore

Cestus®, named after the ancient Roman battle glove adorned by gladiators in combat, creates multifaceted oil and gas gloves that are oil-resistant, durable and comfortable. The dual-layered, one-piece palm construction ensures glove durability, with palm stitching that matches the natural contour of the hand so the gloves flex with hand movement. In addition, our gloves have strong grip control to ensure tactile dexterity, and back-of-hand impact protection that shields from abrasion, lacerations and impacts.

Oil and gas safety gloves

Hazards on oil and gas production sites range from lacerations and abrasion to blunt-force impact injuries. Strong, oil-resistant grip is essential for performing job duties across the oil and gas industry. Pro Series gloves were designed with the oil and gas production industry in mind, and come with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact shields that cover the back of the hand from fingertip to wrist. TPR equips the glove with impact protection, allowing the user to pull out of the glove if it gets caught in machinery. Resilient, oil-resistant grip complements the back-of-hand impact protection, making the Pro Series gloves a more complete glove solution for oil and gas production.

Maximum impact protection

On oil and gas rigs, hands are constantly exposed to crush, pinch and impact threats that can lead to hand injury. For the jobs that require the most impact protection, Cestus created the DeepII™ gloves in the Pro Series. DeepII gloves feature a Cestus-exclusive, one-piece, TPR shield with elevated knuckles that provides continuous protection from fingertips to wrist. Complementing the TPR is a long-cuff design that allows users to pull out of the glove if hands get caught in machinery, or elsewhere, during the course of the workday.

Oil-resistant grip

On oil and gas rigs, hands require a palmar grip that prevents water, oil, drilling muds and other liquids from entering the glove, while providing the ability to maintain grip control on any surface. With three different oil-resistant grips, Cestus Pro-Series gloves have the right grip for any situation on oil and gas production sites.

Cut and abrasion-resistant gloves

Featured on our most popular oil and gas glove, SkidX Grip™ is a tacky, textured grip that combines oil-resistance and grip control. With cut level-three protection and abrasion level-four resistance, SkidX Grip has unrivaled durability and shields the palm from lacerations and other injuries. Available on our best-selling Deep Grip® and DeepII grip gloves, SkidX Grip ensures hands always have the grip required to get the job done on any surface.

PVC-dot grip gloves

TefSecure® grip brings together oil-resistance and our PVC bonded-dot grip grid for excellent tactile control on oil and gas work sites. The PVC-dot grip is oil-resistant to ensure oil, drilling muds and other liquids stay out of the gloves while they are in use, as well as ensuring strong grip control on slick or dry surfaces. Featured on our DeepII, DeepII Gel and HandMax® deep oil and gas gloves, TefSecure grip offers users the ability to maintain grip for various tasks on oil and gas sites.

Oil, water and petrochemical-resistant gloves

The Deep III® Sonic 10® features an unrivaled 3D grip terrain with ten unique peak zones that create angles for maximizing grip control on wet, oily or dry surfaces. Among the 3D grip terrain are zones of dense, miniature bristles located strategically on the palm, fingers and thumb in areas that assist with grip control. The Sonic 10 grip is oil, water and petrochemical-resistant, and designed to channel oil and liquid away from the palm to maximize gripping power and ensure liquid stays out of the gloves.

Anti-Vibration Gloves

Cestusline anti-vibration gloves reduce strain by absorbing vibrations from impact tools using hexagonal memory gel pads placed in key areas of your palm.

Best-Selling Deep Grip Series

Keeping a Kool grip on the oil industry, this glove not only protects the back of your hand, fingers and thumb from impact, punctures and cuts, its oil-resistant palm is the master of all it grips.

Mining Gloves That Matter

All Cestusline mining gloves provide extreme protection for critical impact points on the back of your hand and fingers.

The Evolution of Gloves

This white paper from Cestusline features details of a large number of the company's industrial and technical glove lines.

New Impact Protection Gloves

Cestusline is introducing its latest glove, the Tow Grip. The new cotton palm style glove is available in two styles of cuff lengths: long cuff, and short cuff with velcro strap.

New Cestusline Gloves Website

At Cestus, we are proud of our innovative spirit that leads us to create some of the most durable, ergonomic work gloves available. While our innovation shines through in our intelligent glove designs, it was not reflected in our website-until now!

Cestusline to Exhibit at OTC 2014

Industrial and technical glove manufacturer Cestusline will be exhibitiing at the Offshore Technology Conference next month in Texas.

Impact-Protection Anti-Vibration Welding Gloves

Cestusline, Inc. is proud to introduce the WeldTech TX to our Welder Glove Series. The Portland, OR-headquartered work glove manufacturer has been leading the way in producing cutting edge gloves for the safety industry.

Tow Grip Line

Introducing our latest multifaceted glove, the Tow Grip.

Cestusline Inc.

13818 NE Airport Way




United States of America