At MSA, our business is safety. We’ve been the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality safety products since 1914, providing sophisticated devices and protective gear – the result of countless R&D hours, relentless testing, and an unwavering commitment to quality that saves lives and protects thousands of men and women each day.

Our core product focus emphasizes fixed gas and flame detection instruments, industrial head, eye, face, hearing and communications protection, respiratory protective equipment, fall protection products, and portable gas detection instruments and sensors.

As the world leader in fixed gas and flame detection, MSA provides safety solutions that protect workers’ lives. Whether your field is upstream, midstream or downstream, MSA can help you safely navigate with our extensive line of detectors, built to meet your flame, oxygen, combustible and toxic gas detection needs.

Fixed gas and flame detection solutions

MSA offers a wide variety of fixed gas monitoring solutions to detect gas and flame hazards, combustible gases, toxic gases and oxygen deficiency / enrichment. Our instruments reflect the latest developments in sensor and instrumentation design using electrochemical, catalytic bead, metal oxide, photoacoustic infrared, advanced acoustic detection and both point and open path infrared sensing technologies.

Ultima X gas monitors.
Gassonic Observer-i ultrasonic gas leak detector.
FlameGard 5 Series of flame detectors.
Model 10K fire and gas detection system.
Ultima OPIR-5 open path detector.

Our products have been successfully installed in a variety of applications, including oil rigs, production platforms, wellheads, storage vessels, pipelines and compressor stations, to name a few.

Gas monitors for the offshore industry

Ultima® X series gas monitors provide continuous monitoring of combustible and toxic gases (including hydrogen sulfide) and oxygen deficiency. Installation is both simple and flexible. Ultima X series gas monitors are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in virtually any type of industry, including offshore refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills, water and wastewater plants, mining, and general industry.

The monitors are engineered using microprocessor-based technology and designed for varied gas-detection needs. Ultima XIR and XI gas monitors offer DuraSource technology, a new and improved light source providing extended sensor life.

Other features and benefits of the Ultima X series include:

  • Patented disconnect under power feature
  • One board design for easy maintenance
  • HART output option
  • SIL 2 safety integrity level available for integration into safety systems

Gassonic Observer-i ultrasonic gas leak detector

The new GASSONIC OBSERVER-i ultrasonic gas leak detector incorporates artificial neural network (ANN) technology into the detector’s ‘brain’ and distinguishes real gas leaks from nuisance alarms without requiring any in-field training. Potentially catastrophic gas leaks can be detected instantaneously without gas having to come into contact with a sensing
element. It simply ‘hears’ the leak.

The detector offers ease of use, and does not require in-field training. Ultrasonic gas leak detectors are used in pressurised gas applications to complement conventional gas detection methods. With the unique ultrasonic sensing technology found in all GASSONIC products, the sound of leaking gas is the key to detection.

The detector also provides failsafe operation. Senssonic™ self-test technology checks the device’s electrical integrity and microphone every 15 minutes and ensures the GASSONIC OBSERVER-i detector is operational at all times. Both the microphone and the microphone windscreen are constantly monitored to ensure that the detector always has optimal sensitivity and detection coverage.

Multi-spectral infrared flame detector

MSA’s FlameGard® 5 multi-spectral infrared (MSIR) flame detector with neural network technology (NNT) sets a new industry standard for performance, reliability and value. This is the industry’s first MSIR / NNT flame detector designed to operate at a longer range with a wider field of view and at a higher level of accuracy for superior false alarm immunity.

Additional members of the FlameGard 5 flame detector family include the FlameGard 5 UV / IR detector and the FlameGard 5 UV / IR-hydrogen detector. Both use ultraviolet and infrared detection technology to provide high immunity to false alarms. The FlameGard 5 test lamp for testing FlameGard 5 detectors is the final component in the series.

Important features of the FlameGard 5 Series include:

  • A multi-spectral infrared sensing array (in the FlameGard 5 MSIR detector) with highly intelligent neural network processors provides high accuracy through superior false alarm immunity
  • Wide field of view
  • SIL 3 suitable products
  • Continuous optical path monitoring (COPM) checks optical path integrity and electronic circuitry once a minute
  • Fire and gas detection system for the offshore industry

The MODEL 10K™ fire and gas detection system from MSA represents the next generation in highly intelligent monitoring solutions designed to help customers reduce hazard vulnerability and meet the world’s most demanding safety standards. The MODEL 10K system is an innovative, modular, Factory Mutual (FM)-approved system that is highly scalable.

Offering intelligence, flexibility and reliability, the system’s controller hardware configuration and software have been tested by Factory Mutual to verify NFPA 72 compliance.

Highlights of the MODEL 10K fire and gas system include:

  • Remote I/O capability
  • Optional fiber-optic communications
  • Color touch screen operator interface
  • Supports third party device integration
  • Simple, reliable and cost-effective field wiring topology

Open path IR gas detector

The Ultima OPIR-5 detector is an open path IR gas detector that provides continuous monitoring of combustible gas concentrations at a path length of up to 150m. It features a dual detection range (ppm meter and LEL meter), enabling sensitivity to both small and large gas leaks. It is performance approved for use in harsh environments.

Highlights of the Ultima OPIR-5 detector include:

  • Capable of detecting methane, natural gas, propane, LPG and other hydrocarbons
  • Unitised display for ease of operation and reduced cost
  • Automatic gain control compensates for dirty optics, rain and fog
  • Multiple communication outputs (HART, ModBus, AMS support) provide complete status and control capability in the control room