PetroHab to Launch New Safety Shutdown System at OTC 2017

US-based hot work safety enclosure (HWSE) provider PetroHab LLC is pleased to announce the official launch of its state-of-the-art Safe-Stop™ Safety Shutdown System (SSS), which will take place at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas from 1-4 May.

Designed and manufactured in the United States of America, the Safe-Stop SSS works in conjunction with the 100% US-made pressurized Petro-Habitat HWSE to provide unrivalled safety whenever hot work is conducted in the vicinity of potential flammables, such as in Zone 1 or 2 rated hazardous areas on oil rigs and refineries.

By continuously monitoring the pressure inside the Petro-Habitat HWSE, the Safe-Stop SSS enhances the safety of the Petro-Habitat HWSE by only allowing hot work to be conducted inside the HWSE if the air pressure therein exceeds that outside the enclosure, thereby creating what is often referred to as a ‘positive pressure environment’.

The positive pressure environment in the HWSE serves to prevent unwanted flammable gases from entering the enclosure, which allows hot work to be safely undertaken in the Petro-Habitat, without the need to shut down the facility in which the hot work is to take place.

PetroHab president Samer Al-Azem said: "PetroHab’s Safe-Stop system is the most compact and lightweight modular control system on the market today. It was designed with the end user’s gas detection and safety needs in mind.

"Among the many functions that the Safe-Stop system performs are the monitoring of pressure within the Petro-Habitat, detection of various gases both inside and outside the HWSE, and monitoring Oxygen levels in the HWSE.

"Optionally, external gas detectors are offered which may be used to enhance the safety within the general area in which the hot work is to be conducted.

We have always had the best habitats on the market, since the panels of our Petro-Habitat HWSEs are; (a) superiorly engineered; (b) interlock via our patented Quadra-Lock® panel attachment system that practically renders obsolete the failure prone zippered ‘A’ and ‘B’ type panels currently used throughout the HWSE industry; and (c) are made from premium, heavy-duty, U.S. made, ANSI / FM 4950 certified silicone-coated fibreglass cloth, which allows them to withstand continuous temperatures of up to 1,000°F (540°C).

"I am confident that when our Petro-Habitat HWSEs are used in conjunction with the Safe-Stop SSS, our customers can rest assured that they are benefiting from the safest, most compact, and innovative hot work enclosure solution in the oil and gas industry today."

For more information, please contact PetroHab using the enquiries form.

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