Safe-stop MSDS

The PetroHab Safe-Stop MSDS works with the Petro-Habitat HWSE to provide safety whenever hot work is conducted near potential flammables, such as in Zone 1 rated areas.

By continuously monitoring the pressure inside the Petro-Habitat HWSE, the Safe-Stop MSDS enhances the Petro-Habitat’s safety by only allowing hot work to be performed within the HWSE at the correct balance of air pressure between the inside and outside of the unit. This creates a ‘positive pressure environment’ within the Petro-Habitat, which prevents unwanted flammable gases from entering the enclosure, allowing hot work to be safely performed without the need to shut down the surrounding facility.

While monitoring the pressure within the Petro-Habitat, the Safe-Stop MSDS also detects various gases both inside and outside the HWSE.

PetroHab’s integrated, ATEX certified Safe-Stop MSDS is a compact and lightweight alternative to older automatic shutdown systems, which almost universally require an extensive amount of hardware, ducting, and cabling.

The Safe-Stop system consists of three main components; the Modular Control Unit (MCU), the Pressure Control Unit (PCU), and the Shut Down Unit (SDU). The MCU is incorporated into one of the wall panels of the Petro-Habitat HWSE, while the operating airflow inlet, fire damper, and oxygen sensor are housed in the compact MCU, maximizing working space within the habitat. A pressure differential sensor, and siren & beacon warning system, are also part of the MCU, while the PCU contains the main control unit, H2S & methane gas detection, a fan to pressurize the habitat, as well as an additional siren and beacon.

Upon detecting either a loss of pressure, or high or low oxygen levels inside the enclosure, the ATEX Zone 1 Safe-Stop MSDS will automatically shut down the hot work operations, while keeping the intake blower running in order to pressurize the Petro-Habitat. Should any hazardous gases be detected in the feed to the PCU, the Safe-Stop MSDS will shut down both the hot work operations and the flow of air.