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SIRON is a supplier of sprinkler system products and services that offers a personal approach and experienced team along with rapid delivery.

Dry deluge testing

Deluge systems are the primary fire safety system for most buildings, and require yearly obligatory testing. The standard wet deluge testing method has a number of issues:

  • It is very time-consuming and costly
  • Wet testing causes corrosion, salt crusting and growth of organisms in flow pipes and nozzles
  • Spraying seawater over the entire production facility is a hazard for expensive processing equipment
  • Excess wastewater will flood the sump tanks
  • During testing the oil and gas production process will come to a halt

The patented dry deluge test from SIRON Offshore Services eliminates many of the problems with traditional testing. Using pressurised smoke instead of seawater, flow problems in pipes and nozzles can be proven and established in an easy and cost-effective way.

SIRON Offshore Services conducts the testing by bringing its own independent vacuum compressor, dry deluge test facility and tools and equipment for immediate repair of the deluge system.

Dry deluge test advantages:

  • Segmented testing of the deluge system results in only minor disruption to oil and gas operations
  • Preparations for dry deluge testing are considerably shorter and cheaper than for wet tests
  • Leakage of flow pipes is easier to spot
  • Residual water from former tests will be blown out of the deluge system
  • No seawater is sprayed onto expensive process equipment
  • Sump tanks will not overflow due to extra waste
  • No new corrosion, salt crusting or growth of organisms (e.g. sea shells) will occur in flow pipes or nozzles

SIRON Offshore Services also offers on-the-spot repairs of failing deluge systems, checking of foam concentrate and corrosion protection.

Compressed air foam

Compressed air foam (ICAF) is generated by the combination of compressed air, water and foam. ICAF uses four times less water and up to six times less foam concentrate compared to foam-water systems. It also offers better performance in extinguishing and burn-back resistance.

  • Water supply: ICAF can eliminate or reduce the size of water supply tanks and fire pumps
  • Drainage and containment: ICAF can eliminate or reduce the size of drainage and containment systems, including spill tanks and oil separators
  • Disposal costs: the significant reduction in foam and water required for ICAF reduces the costs associated to clean-up and disposal of foam during discharge testing or after a fire

ICAF applications:

  • IT: emergency generators and diesel storage areas
  • Pharmaceutical: process areas, chemical storage, laboratories, loading and unloading gantries
  • Transportation: urban transit fueling bays, maintenance garages, aircraft hangars, ethanol transfer stations and heliports
  • Power generation and distribution: power transformers, turbine generators and nuclear facilities
  • Oil and gas: tank farms, oil pumping stations, refineries, offshore drilling platforms, pump rooms and lube oil skids
  • Industrial: wood treating machines, solvent storage and process areas

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Dry Deluge Testing

Open extinguishing systems are the primary care method in case of fire, and as such their regular testing is obligatory and a bare necessity for both workers and equipment, as well as the environment.


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Holter Hofweg 280A

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+31 53 750 30 44 +31 53 750 30 45

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