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Techno Fibre Launches Latest Range of Safety Products

Singapore-based Techno Fibre, generally known as a leading lifeboat and davit services company, has launched two marine safety products.

The first products its very own TF rigid safety net (RSN). The Technofibre rigid safety net is designed as a multifunctional, multiconfigurable safety enhancement, and can be used for a multitude of differing roles and requirements such as embarkation / disembarkation ladders in lifeboats, rescue scoops, casualty recovery when fitted to fast rescue craft (FRCs), man overboard recovery stretchers and rescue sleds, or scramble nets – it could even be used as a rescue sled, being towed behind a jet ski!

The larger rung size, made to accommodate boot sizes up to 18, make climbing much easier. The rungs (proof load tested to 300kg per rung-link set), are manufactured from top-quality UV stabilised engineering, high-impact plastics, making them virtually impervious to all corrosion issues normally associated with the marine environment. Rungs can be supplied in either black or white.

Self-illuminating rung interlocking strips and end caps are also a new innovative addition to the system, making the unit visible during any night operations, without having to resort to the use of lighting. These are supplied as standard.

Offered in per square meter basis, you only order what you need, making ordering the product in various configurations easier to suit your requirements.

As a stretcher kit, it comes complete with its lifting slings, flotation collars and body harnesses.

Moorguard is another interesting safety product being offered. Made of special polymer materials, it stretches up too six times its total length before fraying and separating without any whip lash. Life threatening or equipment damage, the Moorguard is being offered for use to any heavy towing operations, be it at sea, land or air operations.

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