Filtersafe is a multinational company specialising in the design and production of screen filtration solutions predominantly for seawater applications. The company’s reputation is founded on the unparalleled success of its BS-Series filter line over the course of the last decade in the ballast water treatment (BWT) market. Its strong reputation in developing tailored, intelligent and durable filtration solutions has led to an expansion into the similarly challenging oil and gas market.

The company’s status as the premier supplier of filters for the BWT market is a testament to the effectiveness of its filtration, superiority of its technologies, and its clear emphasis on collaborative R&D.

Filtersafe utilises distinct and patented technologies such as smartweave sintered screens, and nozzlex suction scanning technologies to ensure its filters best respond to their environment. Its customers, including Siemens, Mahle, Ecochlor, Optimarin, Oceansaver, Wartsila, Sunrui and STDN, all enjoy the comfort of integrating its filters into their respective technologies, bringing unrivalled value, effectiveness and durability to even the most demanding filtration solutions.

Dependable seawater filtration

For over a decade, Filtersafe has specialised in seawater filtration down to 25 micron, bringing unrivalled economy, value and credibility to filtration applications within the maritime industry.

Filtersafe automatic screen filters incorporate a unique, patented and leading set of technologies that ensure market performance demands are met and sustained.
Filtersafe has produced ballast water filtration applications for over a decade.
The company’s engineering and production team works closely with its international branches to provide tailored product solutions for each project.

Filtersafe products are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, DNV 2009, and where required, ASME standards. Its filters have attained independent class certification from leading maritime classification societies around the world, including Lloyds Register, Germachier Lloyds and ABS.

Filtersafe’s BS-Series product line has evolved and responded to the specific demands of the maritime industries. The company’s unique and patented filtration technologies are class-leading, unparalleled and durable, with multiple configurations available for applications 25 microns and higher, with flow rates from 150m² to 3,300m² in a single pressure vessel.

Tailored water treatment systems

Filtersafe understands the requirements set upon system vendors. A part of this is realising the distinct considerations required in developing each BWT project, whether new-builds or retrofits. The company’s engineering and production team works closely with its international branches to provide tailored product solutions for each project.

Filtersafe continues to evolve with key filtration markets by employing an integrated approach to design-listening to key customers and heavily emphasizing R&D. Its team are constantly adopting new and emerging technologies and solutions to equip its filters to best suit the stringent needs of customers.


The Filtersafe BS-Series has been developed with performance and durability in mind. Our filters adhere to the strict design standards required by maritime classification societies.

The technology is especially suited to the fine-filtration of:

  • Seawater
  • Brackish water
  • Freshwater
  • Process water

Key applications for the company’s filters include:

  • Water treatment protection
  • Cooling towers
  • Well-water recharging
  • Membrane (RO) protection
  • Macro-fouling

Filtersafe worldwide

Filtersafe’s operations run from its Head Office in Israel, with assembly lines in both China and Israel and regional offices in Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Its supply network is versatile, with key partners in industrial centres around the world, including China, Europe and the US. It currently has two large-scale production facilities in Israel and China for the assembly, testing and dispatch of its complete production line. This gives the company great flexibility in meeting project deadlines and assures its customers of a direct and controlled supply chain.