Tranter Heat Exchangers Specified by GeoComfort

Tranter, a world-leader in heat transfer equipment, has been contracted to deliver heat exchange components for use on all of GeoComfort standard geothermal products.

GeoComfort, the provider of standardised turnkey geothermal energy systems with heat pumps in the range of 30kW to 2,300kW, has been working with Tranter since the beginning of 2000. During this time, over 200 energy systems have been produced using Tranter heat exchangers, which have been installed for use across the Netherlands.

Tranter was chosen as the preferred supplier of heat exchangers because it was recognised that it could deliver high-levels of efficiency and adding value when developing a standardised product solution. This helped to significantly reduce costs for GeoComfort.

J. Siemes, sales engineer, and B. Claver, general manager, at GeoComfort, said: “Originally, we began using Tranter heat exchangers for assembling our standard products. Later we also began to develop complete heat pump systems called SKID, which are completely prefabricated, wired and tested in our workshop and then delivered to the projects. The use of the heat exchangers meant that we were able to offer a standard product for various solutions.”

Ido Roelofs, sales manager (Benelux) at Tranter, added: “This is a really rewarding contract for Tranter, and one that is set to continue for many years, we are currently working on a series of orders with GeoComfort and are hopeful that our relationship will continue for the long-term.”

The GeoComfort energy systems store relatively cold water from the winter period in the groundwater, which is then used in the summer for cooling. Conversely, in the summer, hot water is stored in groundwater for use in the winter for heating.

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