Leading Plate Heat Exchanger Company – Superchanger® Exchangers Receive ARI Standard 400 Certification

Tranter’s ‘A’ line of Superchanger® plate and frame heat exchangers has received the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute’s (AHRI) certification for liquid-to-liquid, plate-type heat exchangers.

The ARI certification covers 40 units, from the ACD-008 to the AXD-205. The ARI standard 400 certification establishes benchmarks for product performance excellence and was developed to provide a common and consistent method of evaluating the thermal performance of liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers.

“ARI certification simply reinforces the value HVAC customers have been receiving from Tranter for decades,” said Frank Kierzkowski, Tranter’s director of sales and marketing.

“Our customers know that our products perform as stated and avoid the finger-pointing that too often occurs in the bid-spec arena. They now have the added reassurance that Tranter provides guaranteed performance.”

AHRI is the trade association representing manufacturers of air conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration equipment. An internationally recognized advocate for the industry, AHRI develops standards for, and certifies, the performance of many of these products.

ARI Standard 400 applies to liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers utilising water, ethylene glycol solutions (maximum of 60% ethylene glycol by volume), propylene glycol solutions (maximum of 60% propylene glycol by volume), or sea water, used in an HVAC application with duties up to 24,000,000BTU/hr.

When specifying ARI standard 400, building trades engineers, contractors and end users can buy with confidence from Tranter, a proven leader in heat exchanger equipment and technology.

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