Dokka Fasteners builds up additional hot forging capacities for mega bolts with a thread diameter of up to M100 (4inches).

In the second half of 2014, Dokka Fasteners AS Norway built up additional hot-forging capacities for a new ‘mega bolt’ strategy. This new strategy consists of hot forming, CNC machining, thread rolling, laser engraving and fully integrated non-destructive tests such as hardness, ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections.

Dokka Fasteners will then be able to produce hot-forged bolts with a thread diameter of up to M100 (4in). This fastener size has become relevant for customers in wind power and oil and gas industries.

Currently, Dokka Fasteners is manufacturing M72 HV bolts for Bilfinger and 4in bonnet bolts for GE Oil & Gas blowout preventers. Furthermore, the approval processes to supply riser bolts for National Oilwell Varco and also bonnet bolts for Axon Energy Products are in progress.

By super-sizing the production capacity of its already running operation of robot-automated bolt manufacturing, Dokka Fasteners will offer the highest consistency and integrity to some of the world’s most critical bolted connections: offshore wind turbine foundations, oil and gas subsea pressure equipment and up to 3,000m-long offshore production risers connecting the oil rigs and drill ships to the well on the sea ground at pressures of up to 1,380hPa.

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