Wurth vending machines

Würth continuously invents and thinks about new solutions to improve procurement processes within C-parts management for customers. Vending is a topic that fits into this strategy due to the improvement and reduction of purchasing steps and issuing of products.

The strategic advantage of vending is the registration and identification of all transactions by employee and time. Therefore, customers exceed up to 30% of usage reduction of MRO products and an increase of productivity. Beside that another advantage is the availability of vending machines 24/7.

Vending is flexible, which means that compartments in a vending machine can be adjusted to the current consumption record.

And the biggest advantage for Würth: a vending machine is a system that normally leads to a commitment from the customer to a supplier. We recommend signing a contract and agreeing on rental fees with the customer that can be reduced or excluded if certain turnover levels are exceeded. To show the customer the financial benefit of reduced transaction costs, we developed a specific calculation tool targeting those cost-saving initiatives. This, combined with a contract proposal helps you to convince the customer.

Würth is able to cover the full range of vending options. Over the last few years, Würth Industrie Service, AWKG and Würth IT have developed its own solution, the ORSY®mat. It is mainly available for Würth companies in central Europe, which consider vending as a strategic part of their sales business. Those companies can order an ORSY®mat starter kit, including hardware, software and training.

The ORSY®mat is designed to keep it simple. Simple to buy Würth products, administrate and multiply. It is designed to cover the most common requirements, not to suit every single customer demand. Important functions, such as rental goods management, ordering third party products, automatic stock-taking are available to complete the service. The ORSY®mat is being developed continuously and exclusively for Würth. Major parts are manufactured at the Würth company Dringenberg.

More than 50 customers, for example Liebherr, MTU, Vestas and Manitowoc, are currently working with the ORSY®mat system. More than ten Würth-Line and Allied companies (for example, Hommel Hercules, Kellner & Kunz / Reca) implemented the first systems or ordered a starter kit to be prepared to offer ORSY®mat to their customers.

If customers and/or markets request further functions, Würth cooperates with a partner called CribMaster. CribMaster offers a variety of more than 14 different vending machines and has a market experience of more than 20 years.

One of the highly sophisticated products CribMaster is having in the portfolio is for example the ‘Accuport’. This gate solution registers via RFID which employee took which products simply by walking through the gate with the personal ID card. The vending machine ‘ProStock’ is a popular vending machine for key accounts as it is able to cover up to 560 different articles within one machine.

International key accounts such as Caterpillar – Würth’s first CribMaster customer in Europe – defined CribMaster as the vending solution for their product range. An overview matrix showing the individual functions and different requirements including a price comparison of the vending machines ORSY®mat and CribMaster is available on request. All of those vending machines fulfill the connect requests to all Würth systems. Even the delicate situation of data abuse can be neglected as the whole customer data is stored on a Würth-owned database.

For more information, please contact the Würth Group.