Air valves

GA Valves provide air valves, and air vent and vacuum solutions applications the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine and water utilities industries.

Air valves for the offshore sector

Offering a wide range of exotic materials, GA Valves specialises in valves to the offshore industry.

The company focuses on working with the client to finalise the specification and valve sizing and to ensure agreed deliveries, certification and documentation requirements are met.

Manufactured in the UK, GA Valves make components in various materials that give high protection in adverse environments associated with offshore applications, seawater, service or indeed any other arduous environments. These materials include super duplex, titanium, duplex, stainless-steel, 6Mo Hastelloy®, Monel®, Inconel®, aluminium bronze and gunmetal.

6in air vent / vacuum valve in super duplex with surge arrestor.
2in air vent / vacuum valve in Gunmetal.
1in air vent / vacuum valve in titanium with flanged outlet.
2in air vent / vacuum valves in Ali Bronze with inflow check device
2in air vent / vacuum valves in Super duplex with flanged throttle device.
4in air vent / vacuum valve in aluminium bronze.
Class 300 air release valve in aluminium bronze with 1in flanged outlet.
2in air release air vent / vacuum valve in aluminium bronze with inflow check device.
1in air vent / vacuum valve in stainless-steel and NORSOK-approved paint with outflow check device.
2in air vent / vacuum valve in super duplex with flanged throttle device and butterfly valve.

The company’s air valves come with a wide range of detailed material testing to meet each project requirement, and are available with various functions, including:

  • Air release (small orifice)
  • Air vent and vacuum (bi-function)
  • Air release, vent and vacuum (tri-function)

Valves are customisable with options such as a variable throttle device to give adjustable venting control, inflow and outflow check device for one-way airflow, and flanged outlet for piping away facility.

Valves can be coated to suit specific applications with a choice of rilsan nylon, fusion-bonded epoxy or to customer’s specifications and colours.

GA Valves also use UK foundries that are NORSOK M-650 approved and any raw materials are from within the UK and EU.

Isolation valves

Isolation valves can be supplied with a choice of ball, globe, butterfly or gate valves, with flanged or screwed connections to suit the air valves or individual use.

GA Valves is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001/2000 by Lloyds, and complies with Achilles First Point Assessment (FPAL) for suppliers to the oil and gas industry.

Piston control valves

GA industries USA manufactures a full range of pilot operated differential piston control valves.

Pressure control valves

Dorot’s range of control valves includes pilot-operated diaphragm control valves for a wide range of applications and materials, including:

  • Pressure reduction, sustaining or relief
  • Flow / level control
  • Solenoid-operated
  • Deluge
  • Combination of any of these functions

Fire protection control valves

GA Valves offers a full range of fire protection control valves for use on any water supply application, including water flow for deluge, pre-action or foam-water type sprinkler systems.

Custom-built valves and special UV-protected coatings are also available.