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Oil-Resistant igus® Polymers

igus® is a specialist in the area of polymer research, with more than 40 years of experience. Special high-performance polymers allow the use of igus® e-chains® and bearings in almost all environments. Heat, cold, corosion, humidity, dirt - we have a solution.

In more and more heavy duty applications, steel systems are succesfully replaced with igus® plastic e-chains®, because of their extraordinary capabilities:

  • Corrosion free, UV- and sea water resistant
  • Lightweight AND high stability
  • Low maintenance and long service life
  • Resistant to dirt, sea water, chemicals, extreme
  • temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible modular design
  • ATEX solutions available
  • igus® e-chainsystems® in combination with
  • igus® chainflex® cables
  • Cables - MUD resistant following NEK 606 - status 2009

Please download this white paper for more information.

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