Optimicron: Innovative Filter Element Technology for Sustainable Filtration

Electricity prices are increasing and resources are being depleted. This is a clear trend worldwide. Not only are fossil fuels required to generate energy in decline, but the global demand for energy is rising steadily. In its international report, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts a 56% increase in world energy consumption between 2010 and 2040. Fossil fuels are still expected to meet 80% of demand in 2040.

These alarming developments result in a steady increase in energy prices. During the last five years alone, the price of electricity rose from €0.096 to €0.127 per kWh. Furthermore, the increased combustion of fossil fuels is harming the environment and accelerating climate change.

Energy efficiency is the key to counteracting this dramatic progression. Efficient use of the energy available not only reduces the operating costs of a machine or system, but also reduces the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.

As a global, ecologically responsible company, HYDAC is committed to continual development and improvement of its products. In addition to directly benefiting the customer, the main aim in developing energy-efficient innovations for products is to protect resources and enable systems to be operated more economically.

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