Infinite Security Solutions (ISS) have been at the forefront of the design and development of Anti-Piracy Barriers which deliver a passive anti-piracy deterrent. This innovative approach provides an enhanced barrier around the upper deck of a vessel as an effective alternative to the more commonly accepted practice of rigging razor wire defences. Razor wire can be difficult to rig, is easily damaged and can cause injury to the crew – it can also be overcome by use of a simple thick blanket. Our Anti-Piracy Barriers remove these weaknesses with a simple, durable and highly effective solution.

The best defence against pirates is to prevent them getting on board – if that happens, the attackers are effectively in control of the vessel. What was needed was a system that was not only visually daunting but would also remove the ease with which they are able to gain access to the deck, either by means of cat ladders or grappling hooks.

Developed in consultation with the shipping industry and the maritime security sector its composition offers long-life and exceptionally high UV resistance, despite its simple appearance. Its design and shape has proved highly effective against pirate groups attempting to board using cat-ladders or grappling hooks, and has been installed on the fleets of several blue chip shipping companies.

Manage Risk

Effective, compliant protection:

  • Highly visible barrier to deter unauthorised boarding
  • Increase Protected freeboard

Save Time

Easy installation by us or your crew:

  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Can be installed at sea

Save Money

Manageable costs:

  • Transferrable ship-to-ship
  • Low unit & installation cost

Eco / Crew Friendly

Easy to work with:

  • No sharp rusty edges
  • No more discarded barbed-wire problems