The UBP-30S is a combined sack compactor and baling press. The electromechanical drive ensures that the unit always compacts at full press force, which is not the case with a hydraulic compactor. The compactor has unique ‘Double-stroke’ and ‘Stay-n-Hold’ functions for increased compaction rate.

General waste is compacted in a durable plastic sack and recyclable waste, such as cardboard and plastic film, is baled. The bale and full sack are easy to replace and the baling bands make good handles that simplify the onboard handling of the finished bale / sack.

The compacting force is 6t, which ensures tight compaction and very full bags. The press cycle time is 25s, with a holding time of 5s, for permanent deformation of the waste.

The UBP-30S is an electromechanical press which offers long durability with no deterioration over time, which allows for a five-year warranty. The risk of hydraulic leak is avoided and the electromechanical drive makes operation silent.

The volume reduction is up to 90%, depending on the waste fraction.

The UBP-30S has been examined and tested by DNV Maritime for the purpose of marine and offshore installations. The electrical system is compliant with IEC 60092 standard.


  • Environment
    • Highly efficient, clean and silent electromechanical drive
  • Operational efficiency
    • Volume reduction up 90% depending on fraction
    • ‘Double-stroke’ and ‘Stay-n-Hold’ functionality
    • Compaction and baling in one single unit
    • Compaction of waste in durable plastic sacks
  • Service and maintenance
    • ‘Plug-n-Press’ installation
    • No deterioration in efficiency after years of operation
  • Safety
    • Storm position feature of press head
    • DNV Maritime Assessment / Verification report